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UPDATE: Farina Denies Rumored Allegations Regarding Explicit Photo

The suit against McCallion and her husband is quite active. It's a public record." Mar 20, 16 12:17 AM

Sag Harbor School District Reveals Stella Maris Survey Results

Gee, you seem to have forgotten that the 2nd most popular choice among respondents (130+) was DO NOT PURCHASE. Any chance of adding that result as an update?" Mar 24, 16 11:09 PM

Springs School Parents Speak Out Against Language Barrier In District

In the short term it's helpful to non-English speaking immigrants to receive important communications in a language they can understand. Schools hospital, government notices, etc. Given the large percentage of Spanish speaking immigrants here Spanish translations make sense. The danger is in completely removing the incentive to learn English and thus creating a separate minority class of citizens that are isolated by their inability to communicate within the broader community. It is in the country's best interest for the majority of citizens not to be separated by language barriers. United we stand...
" Mar 27, 16 11:37 AM

Closing Of Sand Land's Solid Waste Processing Predicted To Affect Local Landscapers

The town didn't create the problem. The insane amount of landscape debris created by wealthy homeowners who want to have award winning yards and gardens created the problem.

Granted, Sand Land was a very convenient operation for local landscape businesses and a tremendous money maker for Mr. Tintle. Keep in mind, lead water pipes were also very convenient and made the manufacturers enormous profits as well.

Bottom line is people are going to pay more for landscaping. A secondary environmental benefit may be that people will cut back on landscaping (and the associated chemicals) across the board. Being environmentally responsible is almost always more expensive but it benefits us all in the end." Apr 12, 16 7:24 PM

Deli Owner Challenges Westhampton Beach Village's Decision To Run Beach Concession Stand

To understand why this is such a stupid idea one need look no further than the debacle that occurred several years ago when Southampton Town thought they could run the food concession at Poxabogue. Sounds like someone on the board is a wannabe restaurateur." Apr 13, 16 10:49 PM

UPDATE: Farina Will Receive Nearly $300,000 After Resigning From Superintendent Position

Hey, Sag Harbor had that idea first. They want to buy an old school to rent it out! " Apr 14, 16 5:15 PM

Closing Of Sand Land's Solid Waste Processing Predicted To Affect Local Landscapers

Point well taken. They ARE award winning in the owner's eyes however." Apr 18, 16 9:56 PM

Southampton Superintendent Resigns, Receives $300,000 Payout; District Refuses To Disclose Investigation Findings

If McCallion (who won't comment) and her husband lose their current case in the NYS State Supreme Court, there's a good shot she will lose her Elm Street Residence to her husband's creditors. If she's not a resident I believe she'd have to resign...What a group we have running our schools." Apr 20, 16 10:20 PM

Southampton School District Denies Press's Appeal Of Decision Not To Release Findings Of Investigation

Please pursue this. The BOE's actions are completely unacceptable. Thank you." May 6, 16 12:51 PM

Perfect Earth Project Offers Expertise For Sag Harbor School Field

Mr. Burton,you have already commented publicly about this topic in in the comments section of another local publication, Your comment here is disingenuous and inflammatory. You were fully aware of the BOE's actions and you spoke out against them over 3 weeks ago. Please stop pretending you are surprised. Nice try...
" Jun 16, 16 11:32 PM

UPDATE: West Point Cadet Dies After Coopers Beach Incident

How is this not news and why does the Press not publish a follow up? It's bizarre that we are left to read the comments for an update!" Jun 27, 16 2:11 PM

"Southampton Village Police officials did not return numerous requests for information regarding the incident." Perhaps that's the story..." Jun 27, 16 11:07 PM

West Point Cadet Pulled From Ocean At Coopers Beach Friday Dies From Injuries

This is a tragic story. There were many heroes described in the story above including the victim who donated his organs.

I think we're very lucky to have such an excellent and dedicated volunteer EMS organization.

My condolences to all of those affected by this horrible loss." Jun 29, 16 12:38 PM

Democratic Primary In Limbo After Tight Vote

I'll keep it far less substantive and cerebral than HHS. Stated simply, Lee Zeldin is a tool. Either Dem in this race is far more qualified and infinitely preferable to Zeldin." Jun 29, 16 7:02 PM

Richard 'Tate' King Dies June 29

This marks the end of an era. We have lost the patriarch of a family which continues to exemplify what made this area so desirable. Sadly, there is little left here that even approaches the qualities that men like Mr. King brought to our community. " Jul 3, 16 11:08 PM

District Attorney: Month-Long Investigation Nails 14 East End Drug Dealers

FYI: Your "caps lock" key might be broken..." Jul 19, 16 8:49 PM

Mother Of Fallen Marine Pulls Out Of Soldier Ride The Hamptons

Charitywatch.org gives them a C grade. Their cost is $28 for every $100 raised. In 2014, out of $517 million raised, they donated $304 million (or 59%). There are several A+ rated veterans support charities that give away upward of 95% of the funds collected. Who do you want your funds to support, veterans or the lavishly paid execs at WWP?
" Jul 23, 16 5:41 PM

Though Critical Of Spat With Fallen Vet's Family, Zeldin Says He Still Stands By Trump

Thanks HHS. You need to know about Snopes (google it) if you are going to quote from extreme right web articles (or Fox News).

From Snopes "General Dunford delivered no such speech, nor has he announced his resignation from his position as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff or his retirement from active service. Those actions, and the text of his purported speech, were purely the invention of US Defense Watch."
" Aug 7, 16 7:13 PM

Press News Group Files Lawsuit Against Southampton School District Seeking Details Of Former Superintendent's Departure

Thank you to The Press News Group, for holding these people accountable." Aug 30, 16 11:46 AM

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