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East Hampton Republicans Take Stock While Democrats Line Up Their Ducks

"The Republicans this week acknowledged that, regardless, there is something sorely lacking in the party’s political appeal of late."

I fully recognize that there is a wide difference in national vs. local politics but at the moment the Republicans in Washington are deeply unpopular on many fronts. As Trump, McConnel, and company dig in their heels to fight solely for the NRA, white men, and corporate interests voters have realized that the only way to be rid of these clowns is to start at the local level.

The voters have started this grassroots movement and this week the DCCC has declared Zeldin's seat as competitive based on the strong Democratic turnout in Suffolk County.

If the Republicans want to fare better next time they need to confront and repudiate what's happening in Washington." Nov 16, 17 10:23 AM

Southampton Town Board Member Won't Attend Work Sessions Until School Ends

Do you seriously believe anyone could afford to live in this area and rely solely upon the $60,000 salary paid to town board members?
" Jan 3, 18 9:46 PM

Women Will March In Sag Harbor On Saturday

Look at all the "Patriots" dragging people for exercising their First Amendment rights!
" Jan 22, 18 8:08 PM

Quick. What year was the ERA ratified???" Jan 22, 18 8:09 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Police Put Forward Plan To Station Armed Officer In Schools

Worthless. Giant waste of time and money. America is broken and putting armed guards in schools is only going to scare the crap out of our kids. The problem we have, which is unique to the US, is our society's saturation in firearms. When you read the second amendment (you know the one we can change, since it WAS a change) don't forget the first part of the sentence.How many of these mass shooters were members of a well-regulated militia? I'll give you a hint. The answer is zero.
" Mar 1, 18 8:12 AM

Law enforcement responds to emergencies. We need to prevent the emergencies by passing common-sense gun laws and removing assault rifles from civilian's hands. So yes, paying one security guard to patrol a multi-building school is a waste of time and money. How many times have SROs actually stopped a mass shooting? I'll be waiting for any evidence that SROs are the solution to this problem." Mar 1, 18 6:55 PM

State Senate Democrats Fail To Force Vote On Gun Safety Legislation

Only Republicans vote against gun safety laws. " Mar 2, 18 8:31 PM

Ban AR-15 and their clones?" Mar 2, 18 8:34 PM

Ban AR-15 and their clones?" Mar 2, 18 8:34 PM

East End Schools Plan For March 14 Walkout

The national walk-out organizers have clearly stated that their goal is to draw attention to the lack of common sense gun laws, and the inaction of politicians to protect children in this country. Local students either don't understand this or have chosen to walk-out for their own reasons.
Mr. Kamp's statements are typical of the modern day NRA.
“I’ve never heard of a drunk driving accident blamed on the car—the driver is blamed. I’ve never heard a terrorist bombing blamed on the bomb—the terrorist is blamed. But for some reason, [Nikolas Jacob] Cruz shoots up a school, and nobody blames him—it was the gun. Makes absolutely no sense.”
Let's look at this statement.
First of all, Cruz WAS blamed and he is in jail, almost certainly for the rest of his life.
Drunk drivers are held accountable and they often lose their licenses or have interlocks installed so they can't drive drunk. So essentially their cars (or their rights to drive one) are taken away.
McVeigh blew up a municipal building with fertilizer. Purchasing large quantities of fertilizer was immediately restricted. (Ammonium Nitrate access is highly regulated and large purchases are flagged)
Criminals realized automatic weapons were highly effective in the 30's.They were also extremely deadly and killed large numbers of people. The US government outlawed them.
Try to buy Tekmin or dioxin. Guess what? You can't. Dioxin doesn't poison people, people poison people. So why can't you buy it?
Grenades, rocket launchers, mortars, sawed-off shotguns, etc are all illegal. Why aren't 2nd Amendment advocates asking for these weapons to be legalized? Why is a sawed-off shotgun more dangerous than an AR derivative?
There have been armed guards in many of the schools where mass shootings have occurred and they were useless. How are even multiple armed guards (presumably carrying handguns and in schools with multiple buildings and 1000's of students) going to stop a determined individual with a semi-auto, high capacity rifle before many are dead or injured?
At the very least we need to ban new sales, and institute buybacks for existing high capacity, semi-auto rifles. We also need to secure our schools by controlling access and in some cases with guards. Coordinated and effective background checks, increasing the age for purchase, and to a lesser extent imposing waiting periods are helpful as well. At some point, we will have to admit there are too many guns in the US and that the 2nd amendment argument is ridiculous. I would love to see Wayne LaPierre (let's just pretend he's a member of a well-regulated militia) try to defend his family against a tyrannical government with his arsenal. He'd be dead in a heartbeat if he attempted to fight troops with modern weapons like RPGs, drones, or biological weapons." Mar 7, 18 6:39 PM

After Nearly Three Decades In Sag Harbor, La Superica Restaurant To Close

Mr. O'Donnell didn't say the rent was raised. He said they couldn't reach a deal with Double Star. Perhaps they just want the space for something else? Maybe Espresso wants to expand? They own it and can use it as they please.
" Mar 21, 18 12:53 AM

Judge Dismises Lawsuit Challenging Picnic Area Beach Driving, Parking In Southampton Village

So the Picnic area is sort of equivalent to the Shinnecock Reservation?" Mar 21, 18 12:59 AM

East End Residents Participate In Marches Protesting Gun Violence

Hey. How many of you pro-NRA posters are a member of a militia? If you're not then 2nd amendment doesn't apply to you. The first part of the sentence cannot be simply ignored.

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

When you ignore part one then it stands that it is legal to use deadly force in any circumstance. For example, as explained in this sentence:

"The right to defend oneself from personal harm being necessary to the health of the body, the right of the people to use lethal force as needed shall not be infringed." Clearly, that just means you have the right to use deadly force whenever you please. Right?" Mar 24, 18 9:30 PM

After Nearly Three Decades In Sag Harbor, La Superica Restaurant To Close

You can read in the local paper a few more details. Double Star seems to have other plans for the space and Mr. O'Donnell said rent was never discussed. It was a good spot and it had a good run but what all of us think doesn't matter. As a long time resident of Sag Harbor, I can say that the family who owns the building has worked just as hard as Mr. O'Donnell and they have earned the right (through ownership of the building) to make a change. Was he forced out? Sounds like it. That is a difficult reality and a major difference between owning and leasing." Mar 25, 18 10:52 PM

Skin-Care Couple Asks $23.5M For Former Ford Property

It's Dr. RONALD Sherman.
" Mar 27, 18 6:39 PM

Cops Called To Help Maintain Order At Southampton Town Trustees Meeting

Damn, I like your drivel by accident. Guess you didn't bother reading the essay. Why am I not surprised?
" May 9, 18 1:48 PM

'Glamping' To Be Offered At Cedar Point County Park In East Hampton

This sounds like a terrible idea. Let's make Cedar Point into Montauk in the summer. Folks in their pop-ups getting up at dawn to go fishing are going to have to deal with a bunch of hipster partiers paying $250/night? I'll bet there will be fist fights!
" Jul 18, 18 10:51 PM

UPDATE: Schiavoni Withdraws Proposed Moratorium On Development In Aquifer Districts

Because Republicans have a proven record for protecting the environment? Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!
" Jul 19, 18 10:08 AM

Gershon's Comparison Of Trump's Rise To Hitler's Stokes Political Flames In 1st District Race

The fact that you're willing to concede Trump is to Hitler as Gershon is to Soros is laudable. Hitler the genocidal maniac was responsible for the death of 6 million Jews. Soros; well you don't like his politics. Geez." Jul 24, 18 7:01 PM

Let's see what Trump looks like if he gets a second term. Right now just compare him to Hitler in the fall of 1937 and you might agree he looks a lot like a nationalist dictator just getting up to speed.
" Jul 24, 18 7:05 PM

DEC Scolds Southampton Town Trustees Over Rose Hill Modifications Without Permits

I'm very disappointed that the Trustees have bungled this entire matter so terribly. It was ill-conceived, not made public prior to being finalized, and there has been nothing but a string of lame excuses for allowing this debacle." Aug 14, 18 2:28 PM

UPDATE: President Trump Arrives In Southampton

I hope the orange turd enjoyed the white supremacist supporters lining his route. Looks like that's the only parade he'll be getting. " Aug 17, 18 6:45 PM

More East Hampton Voters Say Their Signatures Were Forged On Petitions

Ummm. It's pretty clear that most, if not all, of the writing on that page was done by the same person. That's a pretty embarrassing attempt to get away with forgery.
" Aug 22, 18 1:54 PM

President Donald Trump To Fly Into Gabreski Airport On Friday

Nice job with the copy and paste feature. Breitbart?
Bernstein "the hack" who helped bring down Nixon?
Why not rake Trump and Junior over the coals for all the lies about their Russian Adoptions meetings?
" Aug 27, 18 6:05 PM

Offer Is Reportedly Made To Sell McGann Mercy High School Property For Over $10M

Isn't the offer to "Buy" not "Sell"?" Aug 29, 18 4:54 PM

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