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DEC Orders All Mining Activity At Sand Land To End

I can agree with everything you say above but during those same "golden years" you describe, the following was also true:
- Tobacco was killing millions of people.
- Greenhouse gas emissions were much, much higher.
- People didn't wear seatbelts and cars were far more dangerous.
- There was lead in gas and paint.
- Drinking and driving was a casual and largely unenforced crime.
- etc, etc, etc.

As a society, we've gone to great lengths to change our policies and laws to benefit us all. We now know enough to understand that Sandland's operations can be added to my list above and that appropriate adjustments should be made. Just because the mine was there in the good old days doesn't mean it wasn't already polluting the ground beneath it." Sep 17, 18 1:41 PM

I guess I should have said we've begun to address those first two points. As long as money buys political power, and corporations make more money while polluting, it will be tough to change laws and regs to benefit the 99%ers." Sep 17, 18 9:08 PM

New Traffic Plan In Place At Bridgehampton Intersection

Left turns onto Millstone are prohibited. Left turns from Guyer Road only. Guyer road is also the safest way to access the farm stand.
" Oct 1, 18 4:56 PM

Schiavoni Proposal To Limit Recreation Space Shot Down

Schiavoni ran on a clean water platform and won handily indicating strong public support for his position. Why is anyone surprised that he's advocating for laws and regs that will protect the aquifer and our wetlands? " Oct 10, 18 5:51 PM

Absentee Ballots Are At Center Of Storm Of Accusations

Two elections in a row Zeldin has done the same thing and received wide criticism both times:
Zeldin’s campaign sent a mailer to thousands of voters telling them that absentee ballots have to be postmarked no later than Election Day, November 6, when the actual deadline is the day prior, November 5.
Either he is too incompetent to explain voting deadlines, or he is a cheater. Either is a disqualifier." Oct 26, 18 7:18 AM

What Happens To Our Recycling, Part One: The Recycling Myth

Not if you bring your properly sorted garbage to the transfer station...
" Dec 3, 18 9:05 PM

I think not. It's the garbage that is not pre-sorted by self haulers that ends up in the mixed stream. The stuff we dump into the waste station bins is largely uncontaminated and can be sold to recyclers. It's unclear (at least to me) from this article what percentage of the presorted refuse is actually purchased for recylcing." Dec 3, 18 9:20 PM

Bid For Sag Harbor Impound Lot Approved By Village Board Amid Protesters

The arrogance of the Sag Harbor Village Board is stunning. Who do they serve? Certainly not the majority of their constituents." Jan 9, 19 3:49 PM

Show me 3 people who aren't on the village board who are in favor of it...
" Jan 13, 19 12:23 AM

Sag Harbor Residents Concerned About Size Of Planned Water Street Townhouses

Wow. The Sag Harbor ARB is interested in the public's opinions. The Trustees should try that tack.
" Jan 17, 19 3:18 PM

Closing Of Southampton Village Stores Raises Concern For Some

It seems to me that this will take care of itself. Landlords have to charge high rents to pay their mortgages and make the buildings profitable. If businesses cant afford the rents the buildings will remain vacant and the property values will decline. Eventually they will be sold for an amount that reflects their income potential and the reduced rents will allow businesses to return and make money. This is a correction that is long overdue." Jan 17, 19 3:26 PM

Property Owner Acts To Evict The Spur From Planned Hampton Road Location, Claiming Contract Breaches

I'm betting "The Spur" is toast. I hope Mr. Lewin is made whole and the the landlord in EH has an exit plan." Feb 16, 19 1:19 AM

Arrest Of Suffolk County Police Officer Charged With Assaulting Girlfriend Not Released By Town Police

Protecting the victim? No, protecting the cop and the department.
So the cop allegedly struck a woman. That's bad.
What's worse is the conspiracy by the SHTPD to cover up the arrest. This is why people don't trust the police.
Maybe the cop is innocent, though I doubt his fellow officers would have charged him if there was even a chance it was a mix-up.
What we do know for sure is that the police department concealed the arrest in direct opposition to the guidance provided by the Committee on Open Government." Feb 28, 19 12:09 AM

UPDATE: Eastport-South Manor School Superintendent Placed On Paid Administrative Leave

It's the BOE who accepts the budget and then the district residents who vote whether or not to approve. Next school budget vote is Tuesday, May 14th." Apr 16, 19 5:20 PM

UPDATE: County Identifies Other Locations Where Person With Measles May Have Spread Disease

Please, spare us all your baseless, junk science malarkey.

The stupid. It burns." Apr 28, 19 8:13 PM

UPDATE: Town Officials Respond To Shinnecock Plan For Billboards On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays

His point is that if you applied what happened in Israel in 1948 to Eastern Long Island today then the Shinnecocks and other tribes would be given back their land and we all would be forced to leave. He further explains that since this is the US, no other country is going to step in and force that outcome upon us. Typically US-led coalitions engage in this kind of country building. It doesn't happen to us (at least not yet)." Apr 30, 19 7:29 PM

First Of Two Shinnecock Billboards Nears Completion

The Sag Harbor Fire Department put up their own mini version of this type of sign on Brick Kiln Road. It's in violation of the village code and was erected without a permit.
Just sayin'. " May 24, 19 5:21 PM

On the website above, the Shinnecock Tribe is not listed as eligible for mortgages through this program. Are there other mortgage options available?" May 24, 19 6:55 PM

UPDATE: Shinnecock Tribe Continues Billboard Work As Lawsuit With State Looms

The Newsday forum has been shutdown for a year or two. Trolls need a place to post their troll opinions.
" May 26, 19 1:12 PM

Southampton Village Places Surf Camps On Hold

Dykman has been down this road previously. Google his battles with East Hampton over the Service Station restaurant and Sag Town Coffee in Sag Harbor. Seems he has opened businesses in violation and eventually closed, sold, or settled and paid the meager fines to stay open. " Jun 5, 19 5:10 PM

UPDATE: Kathleen Mulcahy Wins Upset In Sag Harbor Village Mayor's Race; Corish, Plumb Elected To Board

The "Old Guard" didn't fare too well in Sag Harbor this evening. It was time for a change. Heck, maybe they'll even start clearing snow from the sidewalks this winter!" Jun 18, 19 11:13 PM

Mayor Mulcahy Says Change Is Coming To Sag Harbor After A Decisive Win On Tuesday

Dump, no. Just not East Hampton. The village is losing it's character and many locals are leaving to cash out or because they simply can't afford to stay. Change is inevitable but the current village leaders have blown it time and again. Perhaps this new group will more successfully manage the evolution of the village and actually listen to their constituents. Oh, and BTW, the stunt with the fire truck was classless and reeked of desperation." Jun 20, 19 11:06 AM

Say you're lucky enough to have purchased a home before the prices went crazy or inherited a small house. There's a good chance the cost of living on Long Island, especially out east will force you out. Everything is expensive here, from food ,to clothes, to home maintenance. Lots of people have sold their homes, paid off their mortgages and started over in a place they can live comfortably on a much smaller salary. " Jun 21, 19 12:02 AM

Manorville Brush Fire Results In Road Closures On Busy Holiday Weekend

It's not just you. It was the worst ever." Jul 7, 19 11:12 PM

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