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Tuckahoe Denies Student Admission To School Based On Vaccination Record

Wow, that's a whole lotta paranoid, conspiracy theory stuff you're spouting. It must be scary to have your world view...
" Nov 2, 14 12:53 AM

Aviation Community Unhappy With East Hampton Airport Noise Report, Says Money Was Not Well Spent

Let's face it. Anyone who lives in or near the corridors in which the helicopters and planes regularly travel, understand that the noise levels are out of control. Those with a business or personal convenience interest in the airport to function without restrictions will continue to whine and stomp their feet asserting that the facts are being skewed. Actually, a tiny fraction of the population derive any meaningful benefits from the airport's heavy traffic and a disproportionate percentage of the population are adversely impacted. This example of well financed special interest groups having unfair influence over everyone's well being goes on at all levels of government. " Nov 11, 14 4:52 PM

East Hampont Town Hires Second Noise Analysis Consultant, Noise Abatement Solutions Ahead

According to Ms. Cunningham, "It’s like a juggling act, she said. The town and the public will have to weigh the costs and benefits of each recommendation before making a move."

Can anyone articulate what value the airport brings to the general public (excluding the one percenters)? " Nov 13, 14 8:41 PM

UPDATE: Police Say Man Found At Napeague Beach Died From Self-Inflicted Injury

Yes, I agree very sad.

I must ask however, is there a reason for the lack of follow up? Is it the police stonewalling, or the press not following up???" Nov 18, 14 8:03 PM

I ask this question not out of morbid curiosity but out of interest in who decides what is or is not reported. I believe the press has a responsibility to report all police matters in the same way. I want to know who is suppressing the information on this story and why. It seems someone is pulling strings to keep the story out of the press. No one should have that right and all matters should be reported on in the same manner.

I hope someone at Press Newspapers will comment on this." Nov 19, 14 6:04 PM

Mr. Sutton,
Thank you very much for your response. My assumption was that the police were burying this story. I do not believe this is ethical on their part as they should report all incidents in the same manner regardless if the story is tragic, embarrassing or uncomfortable to report.

If the police refuse to divulge information surrounding this incident then that is a story in itself. I have no personal interest in this story other than it has been suppressed. I will trust that you will pursue this in the interest of fair, consistent reporting and will hold the police department to the same standards." Nov 20, 14 9:50 PM

Mr. Shaw,

Thank you for your thoughtful response.

From my research into this it seems the police are withholding information. Since they have stated no foul play is suspected, releasing the information should jeopardize no ongoing investigations.

Isn't this a story on it's own? Why is information being withheld? Is this a favor, a bribe, or political pressure? Why are some people shielded from having their names (and/or any other relevant details) appear in the police blotter?" Nov 21, 14 9:12 PM

Couple Accused Of Stealing Family Member's Jewelry In Springs

Occasionally the stolen money was used for heroin. Too sad to be funny...
" Nov 24, 14 6:56 PM

UPDATE: Police Say Man Found At Napeague Beach Died From Self-Inflicted Injury

It looks as though whoever wanted this story shut down was successful. I have to say it's pretty disappointing. We used to depend on the press to bring the public the truth. That is no longer a reasonable expectation." Dec 3, 14 6:51 PM

Wainscott Hardware Receives Business Community Award

Great store and lovely people. I always try to patronize them when I need anything in that area of the Hamptons." Dec 11, 14 2:44 PM

East Quogue Woman Awarded $1.112 Million In Damages For 2009 False Arrest Claim

Typical cop behavior. Lucky she wasn't killed..." Dec 13, 14 3:03 PM

Zeldin Joins Republican Majority In Voting For Keystone Pipeline

Who cares? It's a symbolic vote at best.

1. It creates a few thousand temporary jobs.
2. The oil will be sold on the world market and will not reduce US energy costs.
3. It helps perpetuate our global dependence on fossil fuels and exacerbates climate change.
4. It won't get built anyway since oil prices are too low to finance it or make it profitable. Its already dead in the water.
5. Obama will veto it even if passed, and there are not enough votes to overturn his veto.

So, why did he vote for it? Because that's what Republicans do. Anything possible to oppose the uppity African American who is our President." Jan 9, 15 5:31 PM

My talking points were not rehearsed, I simply stated the facts as I understand them. If you only consume one type of media (Fox News) then you will be just like the citizens of North Korea or China who only hear propaganda Try reading some newspapers that provide actual news not ideological opinions. I have read articles both for and against the pipeline, and made my own decision. It's pretty easy to understand it benefits only the Canadian Oil interests who wanted to build it. Wildly popular? Only with people who are misinformed." Jan 10, 15 12:35 PM

Nothing says uppity like arugula!" Jan 10, 15 12:36 PM

I direct this towards no one. It is a quote from an author I enjoy, Robert Chazz Chute. We all need to think about this every now and then and consider whether we have done our due diligence before stating our opinions. This may may be too much work for some...

"Stupid people often win just because they're louder, will say anything and, most important, they are certain. Stupid people adore certainty. That's the danger in being more intelligent and patient. People who allow nuance lose debates. Smart people lose wars all the time"
" Jan 10, 15 4:23 PM

Garbage Piled Outside North Sea Dump After New Year's Closing

At least this closure was announced on their signs at the entrances to o the transfer stations. On July 3rd of 2014 (last summer), whomever was in charge closed the stations without notice around 1:00 PM. I drove up with a load of garbage and recyclables in my truck to find the dump closed at 2:00 PM and the sign stating that the Dump would be closed on July 4th. It's a real drag to have have 4 green town bags and all of your recyclables sorted and ready to go in your vehicle and then have to bring them back home and keep them safe and sound over the holiday.What do you with all that stuff, the bags wouldn't fit back in my cans so just leave it in the garage for 48 hrs? Thanks.

I'm interested to know who authorized this 1/2 day closure..." Jan 12, 15 10:25 AM

Zeldin Joins Republican Majority In Voting For Keystone Pipeline

I figured when I started this friend it would be fun to watch the usual players whip themselves into frenzy, and I am not disappointed. It is clear though that the majority of conservative leaning commenters rely on juvenile name calling and personal insults about our president and other leaders to make no actual valid points. No real facts are cited to support these opinions, rather just regurgitated Fox News fallacies. At least the more liberal commenters are citing statistics that are attributable to actual valid government and NGO sources. Look up the thread a bit for my comment regarding stupid people..." Jan 12, 15 10:39 AM

Opinion not fact. Please provide attribution." Jan 12, 15 5:53 PM

Once again, just opinions. Please back up with real statistics. Any number of non-biased studies show we are in far better economic shape than we were 6 years ago. We have brought the majority of our troops home and started no new wars on false pretense (remember the fantasy WMDs?). Is this administration perfect? No. I am happy to admit that I am frequently disappointed in their actions. However, I am not appalled as I was with the previous administration's behavior or our current Congress' lack of acomplishment." Jan 12, 15 6:00 PM

By insisting on using (and capitalizing) Mr. Obama's middle name it is clear that you find it an insulting reference to the president. So I guess Muslim sounding names offend you. You own statements reveal you for the bigot you clearly are. I may find some Christian's viewpoints offensive but I would not consider condemning their entire religion as you choose to do. Education is a wonderful thing, and btw you misspelled Barack ;)," Jan 12, 15 6:05 PM

Feign however, is an excellent vocabulary word and is used correctly!" Jan 12, 15 6:34 PM

Who wrote this?" Jan 13, 15 6:58 PM

Hey Cap'n,
Do you not understand that copying an pasting other's words without attribution is plagiarism. You simply pass off other's words as your own. In some cases this is an actionable offense.

Please don't try to appear smarter than you are by stealing other's words and claiming them as your own!" Jan 13, 15 7:06 PM

Stealing Rushbo's comments may be plagiarism but it's also wallowing in a pigsty of ideology. Limbaugh is a joke; he's become a parody of himself in the last 10 years. An addict who condemns other addicts." Jan 13, 15 8:47 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Discusses Eruv In Closed-Door Meeting

I agree that the village should drop this, it's harmless. If these folks need to resort to tricks to feel better about evading the rules of the religion they follow, then let them. They are hurting no one, just deluding themselves...I mean how does one just pick and choose which parts of the word of God should be followed?" Jan 17, 15 12:44 PM

Zeldin Denounces Obama's Threat To Veto Iran Sanctions

Can you please explain, with some verified numbers, what benefits the American people will gain from going ahead with Keystone XL? I keep reading that it will be great for America but I still do not not understand why its good for our country..." Jan 18, 15 3:16 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Discusses Eruv In Closed-Door Meeting

Look, you can't have it both ways. If you truly believe the Bible is God's word and you embrace a religion based on the Bible, then who are you to decide which part of God's word you shall believe and adhere to? It's God's word that you question?!? Resorting to dirty tricks to find a work around for the parts you find inconvenient is even more disingenuous and obnoxious.

Don't get me started on the Catholics and annulment. Anyone can purchase an annulment from the church. (See Hugh Carey). One thing we can say about organized religions: They make hypocrites of all their followers..." Jan 19, 15 4:01 PM

Zeldin Questions President's Bipartisan Plea In Response To State Of The Union Speech

Fans of Mr. Zeldin,

I challenge you to come up with viable alternatives to the Obama policies you disparage because he's an African American Democrat. I'm sure I'll be waiting a long, long time for any substantive suggestions.

I'm waiting..." Jan 21, 15 8:45 PM


Can you please give me an outline of the Republican plan? Simple is better, just the main 3-4 points. I'm open minded and am trying to figure out who to vote for next cycle. Thanks." Jan 21, 15 9:17 PM

I hear.................[crickets]" Jan 21, 15 9:20 PM

Absolutely. I believe many people are legitimately opposed to Obama's ideology with no bias as to his self identification as an African American. I believe there are at least as many others who are VERY uncomfortable and unable to accept a black man as their president." Jan 21, 15 9:40 PM

I am not race baiting. Please explain the mistake in my logic.

For the last 22 years we have had a Democrat in the White house for 14 of those years. During the 8 years G.W. Bush was President, we were attacked, we started a war on false pretenses, our economic surplus became a record deficit, our economy collapsed, and the world lost their respect for us. Things have improved dramatically in the last 6 years. Obama has mostly fixed the issues I mention above. You cannot give any credit to the "do nothing" Congress. If you disagree please explain what I am missing and just what negative impact Obama has had on our nation. Not opinions but please explain actual damage this administration has done that gets even remotely close to the damage done by Bush/Cheney et. al." Jan 21, 15 10:14 PM

Baloney! Site your sources. Fox News doesn't count." Jan 21, 15 10:20 PM

Southampton Students Petition District To Change Columbus Day's Name

Do you celebrate "Earth is Flat Day", Pluto is a Planet Day", "Lance Armstrong is Honest Day"? How about "Cigarettes are Healthy Day"? The version of history we learned was a joke in regards to Columbus. Its very easy to research especially since you obviuoulsy have a computer...Educate yourself!" Feb 6, 15 4:32 PM

Please see my comment to bigfresh above. It applies to you as well...
" Feb 6, 15 4:33 PM

Try reading a history book written after 1950 and see what you think..." Feb 6, 15 4:38 PM

Would you try to protect your home if it was being invaded?" Feb 6, 15 4:40 PM

I respect your well reasoned comment but your assertion that "he was generally well intentioned" is simply false. He was a motivated con man who was also a thief, racist and murderer." Feb 6, 15 4:44 PM

Sag Harbor School District Considering A Purchase Of Stella Maris Property

This seems reasonable. The Sag Harbor school district could end up with an actual middle school and a kitchen!" Feb 24, 15 4:49 PM

Jesse Steudte Sentenced To Prison After Fatal DWI Accident

Most of the local papers are guilty of this.

When the Sag Harbor dockmaster's boat sank at a Marine park slip during the Halloween storm a number years ago it was because it was improperly tied and lines didn't have enough scope to accommodate the rising tide. It had a nice pair of new Merc outboards that were completely submerged. Not one paper published a story despite lots of people there taking photos and shaking their heads..." Feb 28, 15 12:23 PM

Ira Rennert Ordered To Repay $118 Million

Is your post a joke or are you just completely misinformed. Rennert is reviled by basically everyone who has met him unless they are in some way benefitting from some trickle down from the money he stole.

The article above is real. He stole $118M to build his ego driven castle.
He has damaged the lives of countless people through the world by exploiting them and polluting their homes. The man has no shame.

He may be a member of the NY Jewish community but he is not thought of as upstanding, respected, honorable or charitable by anyone who has a clue about the level of greed and disregard for humanity which he has made his ethos.

Educate yourself:



If you need more; google his name plus Kentucky Coal Mines and read about the entire towns and counties he destroyed there.
" Feb 28, 15 7:16 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Hall, School Districts Delayed Openings For March 2

Sag Harbor has a 2 hour delay as well." Mar 1, 15 6:46 PM

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