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Zeldin Questions President's Bipartisan Plea In Response To State Of The Union Speech

Absolutely. I believe many people are legitimately opposed to Obama's ideology with no bias as to his self identification as an African American. I believe there are at least as many others who are VERY uncomfortable and unable to accept a black man as their president." Jan 21, 15 9:40 PM

I am not race baiting. Please explain the mistake in my logic.

For the last 22 years we have had a Democrat in the White house for 14 of those years. During the 8 years G.W. Bush was President, we were attacked, we started a war on false pretenses, our economic surplus became a record deficit, our economy collapsed, and the world lost their respect for us. Things have improved dramatically in the last 6 years. Obama has mostly fixed the issues I mention above. You cannot give any credit to the "do nothing" Congress. If you disagree please explain what I am missing and just what negative impact Obama has had on our nation. Not opinions but please explain actual damage this administration has done that gets even remotely close to the damage done by Bush/Cheney et. al." Jan 21, 15 10:14 PM

Baloney! Site your sources. Fox News doesn't count." Jan 21, 15 10:20 PM

Southampton Students Petition District To Change Columbus Day's Name

Do you celebrate "Earth is Flat Day", Pluto is a Planet Day", "Lance Armstrong is Honest Day"? How about "Cigarettes are Healthy Day"? The version of history we learned was a joke in regards to Columbus. Its very easy to research especially since you obviuoulsy have a computer...Educate yourself!" Feb 6, 15 4:32 PM

Please see my comment to bigfresh above. It applies to you as well...
" Feb 6, 15 4:33 PM

Try reading a history book written after 1950 and see what you think..." Feb 6, 15 4:38 PM

Would you try to protect your home if it was being invaded?" Feb 6, 15 4:40 PM

I respect your well reasoned comment but your assertion that "he was generally well intentioned" is simply false. He was a motivated con man who was also a thief, racist and murderer." Feb 6, 15 4:44 PM

Sag Harbor School District Considering A Purchase Of Stella Maris Property

This seems reasonable. The Sag Harbor school district could end up with an actual middle school and a kitchen!" Feb 24, 15 4:49 PM

Jesse Steudte Sentenced To Prison After Fatal DWI Accident

Most of the local papers are guilty of this.

When the Sag Harbor dockmaster's boat sank at a Marine park slip during the Halloween storm a number years ago it was because it was improperly tied and lines didn't have enough scope to accommodate the rising tide. It had a nice pair of new Merc outboards that were completely submerged. Not one paper published a story despite lots of people there taking photos and shaking their heads..." Feb 28, 15 12:23 PM

Ira Rennert Ordered To Repay $118 Million

Is your post a joke or are you just completely misinformed. Rennert is reviled by basically everyone who has met him unless they are in some way benefitting from some trickle down from the money he stole.

The article above is real. He stole $118M to build his ego driven castle.
He has damaged the lives of countless people through the world by exploiting them and polluting their homes. The man has no shame.

He may be a member of the NY Jewish community but he is not thought of as upstanding, respected, honorable or charitable by anyone who has a clue about the level of greed and disregard for humanity which he has made his ethos.

Educate yourself:



If you need more; google his name plus Kentucky Coal Mines and read about the entire towns and counties he destroyed there.
" Feb 28, 15 7:16 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Hall, School Districts Delayed Openings For March 2

Sag Harbor has a 2 hour delay as well." Mar 1, 15 6:46 PM

Jesse Steudte Sentenced To Prison After Fatal DWI Accident

Chief1 and others,

Your sentiments are spot on. Four families have suffered greatly due to these two awful accidents. Unfortunately, the press treats various people differently and that results in remarks like those above. Regrettably this is the correct forum to make this point and I suspect like minded commenters wish no ill to any of the families impacted.

It is however incumbent on the press to treat all stories and their subjects equally. This is not the case here in our hometowns or probably in most other communities. Those with influence are capable of successfully lobbying the press to minimize the impact of their coverage on the perpetrator's families. Yes, its a double standard.

Steudte with his .18 BAC gets a mugshot. Rydberg was practically comatose at .25 BAC and there is no mug shot. The press plays favorites." Mar 2, 15 4:56 PM

Also, Why is Rydberg's sentence so much lighter than Steudte's?" Mar 2, 15 4:59 PM

Ira Rennert Ordered To Repay $118 Million

I never sat and had a conversation with Hitler, Baby Doc Duvalier, or Khadafi. They had some fans as well. His record speaks for itself. You can't inflict the personal harm and environmental damage Mr. Rennert has or steal from your investors and still get a pass as being a "good guy"." Mar 3, 15 2:06 PM

Southampton Students Debate A Sons Of Italy Member About Columbus Day

Don't laugh too hard. Its fairly well accepted that during Columbus's time as governor of Hispaniola (1494-1508) more than 3,000,000 people perished.

"Columbus's government was characterised by a form of tyranny," Consuelo Varela, a Spanish historian who has seen the document, told journalists."Even those who loved him [Columbus] had to admit the atrocities that had taken place." from Giles Tremlett (7 August 2006). "Lost document reveals Columbus as tyrant of the Caribbean"

Hitler didn't personally slaughter 6 million Jews during the Holocaust but he was certainly of primary responsibility for their deaths as Germany's leader." Mar 4, 15 4:40 PM

Wow! Watch Fox News much?" Mar 4, 15 6:06 PM

Yeah and they keep goin on and on 'bout evolution and climate change and vaccines bein safe!" Mar 4, 15 6:08 PM

The Taino genocide (1492-1518) is where the Spanish wiped out most of the Tainos (Arawaks), the native people of the northern Caribbean (present-day Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, etc). Columbus himself set it in motion and oversaw it till 1500.

According to one estimate, genocide and disease wiped out 3 million of the 3.5 million Tainos – 85%. Most were already dead when smallpox arrived in 1518.

from:https://abagond.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/the-taino-genocide/" Mar 4, 15 6:14 PM

No, I prefer books by guys like Steven Hawking, Richard Feinman, Christopher Hitchens, or Neil Degrasse Tyson..." Mar 4, 15 6:17 PM

Forgive me for being juvenile...

Medical Definition of COLON: the part of the large intestine that extends from the cecum to the rectum
" Mar 4, 15 9:47 PM

Who's been banned? How are they still posting?" Mar 4, 15 9:49 PM

Another tidbit from the website I cited above:

"With 50 men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want."

Columbus made La Taina, the land of the Tainos, into a living hell. It went way beyond simply killing those who fought Spanish rule. The Spanish had the Tainos:

cut up into pieces like sheep,
run down by hunting dogs and torn to pieces,
strung up and burned alive 13 at a time – in memory of Jesus and his 12 Apostles." Mar 5, 15 11:45 AM

I'm not a big Trotsky fan and I don't believe he deserves an American National Holiday any more than Columbus. At least Trotsky wasn't responsible for atrocities such as those committed by Columbus...He was an intellectual, political leader regardless that neither of us agree with his philosophies." Mar 5, 15 12:03 PM

You're right and Muslims as well. Perhaps they look up to Colombus as a model to reach their goals in killing all us infidels." Mar 5, 15 1:31 PM

Vendors Unhappy With Maison Hamptons Show

I think you would be well advised to change your user name and avatar if you have no affiliation with Maison Hamptons, LLC. If they're as shady as you imply they might sue you for using their name and logo without authorization." Mar 8, 15 8:00 PM

Tim Bishop Named Distinguished Professor At St. Joseph's College

Or nominating another Bush..." Mar 12, 15 5:22 PM

Lawsuit Filed Over Montauk Sea Wall

Thanks to all of you who are fighting to prevent the incompetent and indifferent bureaucrats from further destroying Montauk's coastline!" Mar 23, 15 8:10 PM

UPDATE: NOAA Says No Action Expected Against Beachgoer Bitten By Seal In Sagaponack

Totally off topic, but this is the same circumstance we have in Sag Harbor Village where property owners are required to clear the sidewalks of snow in front of their properties. The village only enforces the law selectively, thereby giving themselves far more discretion than they are allowed..." Apr 2, 15 4:46 PM

Does this include deer?
" Apr 2, 15 4:48 PM

East Hampton Town Pulls Back On Weekend Helicopter Ban

Our town officials, government, etc are corrupt and completely in the pockets of the wealthy. Time to leave Long Island. We are 30 years ahead of most of the country in the complete destruction of the society we once embraced. This has become the land of the 1%. The rest of us should just cut our losses and leave to look for the real America (if it still exists.)" Apr 7, 15 7:39 PM

UPDATE: Cause Still Unknown For Fire That Destroyed Dune Road Condos

Kudos to the Videographer using the drone. Excellent footage and control of the aircraft!" Apr 16, 15 6:33 PM

Charges Dismissed Against Hampton Bays Fisherman

I say let the commercial fisherman take as much as they want. Fishing is a tradition on Long Island. Who cares how many species go extinct due to overfishing. Its every Long Islander's right to fish until there are no fish left. what is wrong with you people???
I am sick and tired of you crazy environmentalists looking 10 years into the future! There are fish here now! Let's catch as many as we can while we still can! When the fish are gone fisherman can become squirrel hunters. Problem solved!" Apr 21, 15 6:55 PM

Jason Lee Acquitted Of East Hampton Rape Charges Wednesday

Judge Barbara Kahn has a record of siding with sexual predators. No surprise on her decision. I'm sure after reviewing her verdict in the Donald Torr case it was an easy choice for the defense to forego a jury trial. See this link:

http://www.27east.com//news/article.cfm/General-Interest-EH/83074/Former-Montauk-Resident-Sentenced-After-Illegally-Spying-On-Tenants" Apr 29, 15 5:39 PM

Judge Rules Against Former Southampton Town Councilman James Malone In False Imprisonment Suit

WOW! I just read in Newsday that Malone wants to run for election as a District Court Judge!" Apr 30, 15 11:14 AM

I wish he had to serve time as well as pay reparations and damages. He epitomizes all that is wrong with corrupt, entitled, civil servants. I'm sure as he reads these comments he remains smug and cannot understand just what a reprehensible character he is.

Mr. Malone: please just disappear from the public's eye permanently..." Apr 30, 15 10:25 PM


You have one hell of a vocabulary. I just had to look up "scarpering". Thanks for the new word." Apr 30, 15 10:33 PM

As Memorial Day Approaches, Sag Harbor Village Makes Some Adjustments To Parking Regulations

Sounds like the Corner Bar and Provisions will have a tough time getting deliveries, unless of course enforcement of the new laws is selective. You know like clearing snow from sidewalks..." May 15, 15 10:52 AM

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