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Southampton Town: Hundreds Of Storm-Damaged Vehicles Are Being Illegally Stored In Speonk

don't forget there's also a plume running under the ground there we don't need any more pollutants leaching into the soil just because we;re not amagansett or east hampton doesn't mean the law shouldn't be obeyed. If someone puts up a srub that's not approved on the east end there's always some problem so lets address a real problem like this when it arises." Dec 7, 12 3:06 PM

Southampton Town: Hundreds Of Storm-Damaged Vehicles Are Being Illegally Stored In Speonk

what does double d stand for double dumb? If it's not zoned for this closed itdown or fine it to the full extend of the law.This is a township where you can't park your car in the street least you get a ticket but hundreds of cars are allowed? And what is temporary 30 days 60 two years?" Dec 9, 12 9:02 PM

Southampton School District Officials Do Away With Val And Sal

I guess we know where ipa stands must be one of those terribly overworked 13 weeks vacation and underpaid100k teachers we should all feel sorry for that can't get fired. It so nice when your job is garranteed and you get raises every year no matter how ineffective you are. The results SHSD gets for the money ispends is a joke and everyone knows it." Dec 9, 12 9:13 PM

Southampton Town Still Negotiating Terms Of Court Order To Remove Storm-Damaged Cars

About time fine them and use the money to lower the property taxes for speonk residents for next year" Dec 12, 12 1:16 PM

UPDATE: Driver In Fatal Crash Pleads Not Guilty To DWI, Held On $250,000 Bail

This is such a tragedy.Our prayers go out to her and her family. She was a special person in my sons life. Being childless she took my son under her wing at work mentored him as well as supported his dreams. She never went a day without talking with him about Life, working hard to achieve what you want and the goodness in people. My 20 year old son has lost a great friend due to the irresponsibility of another, THROW THE BOOK AT HIM." Jan 5, 14 12:51 PM

Tuckahoe Looking At Options For Rescheduling Graduation

Gee why don't we put together a blue ribbon panel and hire a consultant to figure this one out. Have it on friday and if people can't attend everyone will live I'm sure. Do we really need overpaid administrators to solve problems like this." Mar 11, 14 10:25 PM

Water Mill Horse Samraat To Run In Kentucky Derby On Saturday

Aqueduct is not in Belmont Park it is it's own racetrack" May 4, 14 4:07 PM

As Housing Prices Rise, Younger People Take Off

teachers and cops can't afford to buy here who are you kidding with that. I live in an area where cops live and none of their wives work. Cops and teachers making 150k a year and don't have to save a penny for retirement because when they do retire they get 75 to 100k pensions. The basic problem is that there are only three well paying jobs out east school districts, cops and some specific trades like plumbers. " May 4, 14 4:26 PM

Southampton Outlines New Plan For Merger With Tuckahoe

I see that Southampton has a 9 million dollar reserve fund which I believe is over the legally allowed limit that it wants to use to build a new administrative building. I guess that's for the the children as they always say. Tuckahoe should merge with Hampton Bays then Southampton will lose those insanely high tuition dollars and then your taxes will really explode. With the same amount of students as HB why does it cost 20 million more to educate the students in SHSD. I use the word educate loosely here as their test scores and graduation rates are always lower than districts that spend less. Where is all that money going???" Aug 21, 14 8:32 AM

UPDATE: Department Of Labor Confirms Prevailing Wages Paid At Gabreski

Tough luck most union members look for was to work less and get paid more for it. Competition is good if someone is willing to work for less too bad." Aug 28, 14 9:23 PM

highhatsize you know so little about so much it's amazing, i guess you didn't understand what I said.Lets look at the LIRR union which has no competition. They get a pension, social security and they still fake disability, no competition for the railroad. If every house had to be built with union labor only you'd be paying double. Lets look at the school unions Long Islanders pay more than twice the national average. By the way I work in a field where there are no unions no work guarantees and if I dont perform I'm out. So you know nothing about which you speak of as usual" Aug 31, 14 8:35 PM

Bishop And Zeldin Say They Are Both Pro-Business, But Have Different Approaches

Lets not forget that Tim Bishop married into the family that ran LIU @ southampton college and ran it straight into the ground. Bishop has no qualifications to do anything. Most jobs are created by small companies and government regulations and laws are killing these job creators. Ask anyone who runs a small mom and pop business and they will tell you. Democrats want to take hard working people's money and run the welfare nanny state. They more people they give money andnwelfare to the more votes they'll get. They rich and poor love the liberal welfare state everyone else in the middle gets crushed. Stop voting for the same incompetent people every year." Sep 6, 14 1:25 PM

Southampton School Board Decides To Bring Tuckahoe Merger To A Straw Vote Again

southampton is run just as poorly and as inefficiently as Tuckahoe the only reason they haven't gone broke like Tuckahoe is that they have a much larger tax base to foot the bill. How is it that SHSD has the highest per student spending on LI and yet the average homeowner pays one third the taxes as homeowners to the west pay? They are both districts that need to be audited to fine out where all the money is going. Why are SHSD test scores and graduation rates so low for what they spend they should be turning out Rhodes Scholars right and left." Sep 13, 14 8:54 PM

Board Fires Westhampton Beach Boys' Varsity Soccer Coach

If every kid on the team says this never happened how does an overpaid and they areall overpayed administrator make such a stupid decision.Herr should be fired immediately because he has exercised poor judgement and even worst leadership. Parents who coddle and spoil their little brats aren't doing them or society any good. This student should be suspended immediately. Show some backbone WH" Oct 9, 14 10:05 PM

Shinnecock Tribe Member Angered Over Beach Parking Fees

Let me see she feels he should get something for nothing while the rest of us have to pay. I'm tired of people whining about what their entitled to. I'm also tired of paying to support other people. If I have to pay so does everyone else. If the town wants to make it free for all then its free otherwise stop complaining about what you deserve." Oct 26, 14 10:07 PM

Felony Drug Charges Leveled Against Sag Harbor Man

Why are my tax dollars going to pay for a public defender when he was driving a new 2014 car. Sell the car to pay for the lawyer

" Oct 29, 14 10:08 PM

Family Protests Outside Westhampton Beach School Over Controversial Special Needs Decision

I've read all the blogs. What people should realize is one Remsenburg is obligated to pay for his education this is not an issue,and two
Remsenburg students have the option of going to either ESM or Westhampton most choose WHB. One district provides the services he needs ESM and one doe not. Although WHB looks bad in that they do not provide that level of in house special ed after grade school it is not a policy created to specifically exclude Aiden. All of WHB students that are special ed are given a choice of which school district to attend that will provide the services best suited to their child's needs. The parents have known this from day one. They will never prevail in a lawsuit as no law has been broken and no special ed services are being denied to their son . I have no dog in this game and I like others would appreciate the opinion of parents who do have children attending ESM special ed programs." Sep 5, 15 11:30 AM

Then it's Remsenburg's responsibility to explore other options, that being other school districts that can provide the needed services, not WHB Since Aiden lives in Remsenburg not WHB " Sep 5, 15 1:10 PM

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