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Sag Harbor School Spending Up 5%; Taxes To Climb 4%

Please defeat the budget this insane spending by the school districts must stop. No one is getting 5.4 percent raises. Are these people running the school district inept? Please don't answer it retorical. Oh I'm sorry we must maintain those great benefits for the teachers and administrators or your children will suffer, or your children will suffer. That will be the usual answer from those clowns in charge." Mar 30, 11 12:29 PM

Doesn't matter how you phrase it it's an increase. You can't increase spending 5.4 percent ayear every year. No one out there is getting that. i quess you must be on the public payroll. If you lose your job you'll just sue, just like the Eastport Southmanor teachers are doing. pathetic" Mar 31, 11 12:29 PM

You people have no idea what your talking about. If someone on Wall Street make money it does not increase your taxes. Where do you think the 5.4 percent is going? Not utilities or food. i don't begrudge anyone making a living but the school system model on LI no longer works. You have to ask yourself why does it take more school employees to educate fewer students?" Apr 1, 11 11:42 AM

East Hampton School Districts Reach Tuition Deal

yes that's a great idea lets put the people who have run up these tremendous school budgets in charge of everything, I'm sure they will be unbiased and fiscally responcible.Let's have the fox guard the hen house." Apr 4, 11 11:21 AM

Census Shows Soaring Increase in Latino Population On East End

Illegal is illegal is illegal. If I were driving without a license I would be arrested. I f I hit someone as happened to me and had no insurance if would be severly fined and or sued. Since I own a home and do not rent as illegals do I have a lot to lose so I get to foot the insurance bill for my car as well as increased health insurance for those who do not pay legal or illegal. The reason i pay my medical bills is because as a responsible person I worry about insurance rates and my credit which would be aedversely affected by not paying my bills. I have no issue with people coming to america to better themselves as most of us can trace our heritage back to a relative who immegrated here. But as I said in the beginning illegal is illegal is illegal. It's not my responsibility or desire to foot the bill for all the extra costs associated with this problem." Apr 5, 11 1:14 PM

Southampton School District Mulls $58.6 Million Draft Budget, Seeks Public's Input

How come Southampton's budget is 15million more than Hampton bays and 9 million more than westhampton? Each school district has approximately the same amount of students. Where is this money disappearing to? I guess when all the rich second home owners pay the bills no one else cares. The people of Southampton should be looking into what is going on and what has gone on in this district for the past twenty years. The highest per student spending in the state and probably I would guess in the country. That's a distinction they should be proud of. Maybe we could post that on a billboard for all to see as they enter town. Congratulations" Apr 5, 11 1:21 PM

Town Changes Leaf Pick-Up Program Again

Still waiting to have my leaves picked up from last year." Apr 6, 11 11:15 AM

UPDATE: Missing Man With Autism Located

Great kid and great family, glad things worked out." Apr 14, 11 1:21 PM

Hampton Bays School Board Adopts $44.9 Million Budget

It's amazing that Hampton Bays can get things done for 44 million and it takes southampton 58 million to educate the same amount of students. 58 millon for 1750 students thats 33k plus per student, that's more than Harvard charges. Where is this money going? Into an endless pit I guess." Apr 26, 11 11:47 AM

Head Custodian At Eastport South Manor Resigns Amid Controversy

Wow how is this possible that he hold 2 full time jobs that have the same hours and no one noticed that he wasn't there? You've got to hand it to these school districts they really are ontop of things. This person should be arrested for stealing and the administrators fired for stupidity." Apr 27, 11 1:17 PM

So what that means he was working 16 hour days plus travel time. Give me a break theres no way he was at both positions the full time for years. Do you really think he was at both jobs when he was required. And by the way Remsenburg-Speonk how do you pay a custodian 82k for a one building school? This is a prime example of schools not being able to control costs. Even if there is fraund here he won't lose credit towards his pension. That's why so many people in NYS cheat because even if caught can't touch that pension. Got to love it no downside." Apr 28, 11 11:53 AM

Former Supervisor Linda Kabot Files Suit Against Westhampton Beach

I'd post a comment but the whole east end is so populated with self absorbed self important people that no one would recognize how ridiculous all parties look.The police of Westhampton Beach and I use that term loosely and the politicians are all a joke. Get rid of them all." May 5, 11 12:48 PM

Hampton Bays School Board Touts Budget, Oversees Pre-K Lottery

But still Hampton Bays educates 25 percent more students than Southampton and does it for 14 million less, thats right read those figures, what is going on in Southampton should be illegal. The highest per student cost in the State and probably the country. Yikes" May 5, 11 12:50 PM

Former Southampton Village Trustee Sues Over Fire Department Dismissal

Just another entitled person whinning. I hope he loses and has to pay court costs. " May 9, 11 11:49 AM

Springs Teachers, District Reach Impasse

Did anyone notice that Springs had the highest percentage increase in their budget than any other school district on Long Island. Where is the money going?" May 10, 11 11:49 AM

Board Prickles Over Peeling Paint

Another inept job by our overpaid school administrators. can't even paint some walls without having a problem. pathetic." May 11, 11 11:46 AM

In East Hampton, A $64.41 Budget And Five Candidates

Something to think about. East Hampton spends 20 million more dollars a year to educate less people than Hampton Bays. There are 6 custodian supervisors for 24 custodians. I guess they can't do their jobs with a supervisor for every 4 employees. 20 Million more . The total budget works out to 33,500 per student only Southampton is higher. 33K plus per student that is 250 percent higher than the state average. These are the facts and they do not lie. If we could only privatize school education we would lower taxes and increase the quality of education. Great job East and Southampton school districts. Thank god all the second homeowners foot the bill or everyone would be paying 20k a year in property taxes. Unbelievable" May 11, 11 11:59 AM

Eastport South Manor School Board Terminates Two School Administrators

Good to see some of the fat going." May 12, 11 12:00 PM

Cell Towers May Pop Up In East Quogue

Nobody wants a cell tower near them, but cut off their cell phone and everyone would fall apart if they couldn't be making all those important calls while their driving. There is a price to pay for everything folks." May 13, 11 1:19 PM

Springs Teachers, District Reach Impasse

Lets see Springs 1000 students budget of 25,000,000. East Hampton 1700 students and a budget of 64,000,000 and Southampton 1700 Students budget 58,000,000. They cost of a bloated inefficient school system priceless. Lets privatize and fire them all." May 16, 11 1:16 PM

Voters Take To The Polls On Tuesday, All Budgets In Southampton Town Approved

Well the gravy train runs on for the ever bloated school districts.Again scaring the people with it will hurt the children not the overpaid teachers and administrators. When will this end southampton and easthampton spending over 30k per students and with graduation rates and test scores that don't come close to other districts that spend less money. The only district that seams to manage its budget is hampton bays. Twenty million less than easthampton and 14 million less tha southampton and with more students. Its so nice to be special and entitled." May 18, 11 11:42 AM

Seven School District Budgets Get Passing Grades In Western Southampton Town

Lets see did they take a 20percent pay cut and lose their benefits or do they pay 1000.00 dollars amonth for health care like the rest of us. It's nice to be part of the elite at the expense of the general population. Also so they got only a 1percent raise so whern they retire at 55 with a 75k a year pension they will only get 74k . What a scarifice, you must all be so proud of yourselves." May 19, 11 12:08 PM

Voters Approve Budgets In Eastern Southampton Town

All that would is eliminate are some positions and we can't have that with numbers come power for the teachers union. It's all about the money folks and nothing else. It's about each little school district maintaining its power and bloated salaries and costs. Any time there's a fight about costs it's the students who lose never the teachers and administrators. We need to privatize or combine districts but no one will do that as they would lose their power and autonomy." May 19, 11 12:13 PM

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