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East Hampton Village Shrinks Real Estate Signs

Thank god we solved that problem, moving on to something more important." Mar 20, 12 1:38 PM

Shinnecock Hills Man Arrested Twice For DWI On Same Night

And wht was he let go after the first arrest? Only 3 hours later. Could of killed someone." Mar 20, 12 1:40 PM

Westhampton Beach Will Be Forced To Cut School Positions To Get Under Tax Cap

How about all employees making over 100k take a 5 percent haircut in pay like most of the private sector has had to do. You'll still have your great benefits and outragous retirement." Mar 21, 12 3:18 PM

Southampton Schools Expect To Stay Within Tax Cap, Helped By Salary Savings

Wow I'm impressed they've managed to save 500k from a budget of what 60 million great work" Mar 21, 12 3:24 PM

My guess bubby is connected to the gravy train. The school board always does what the teachers/administrators want. They are not independant just on puppet strings. How else can you explain the runaway costs of running a school. They all think raises are a given year after year meanwhile those of us who pay the taxes are taking pay cuts and benefit cuts. its the same old story give me more I'm entitled to it. The sooner who do away with unions in the school system the better. it's amazing how each year it takes more and more people in the schools to do less and less work. You would think with all the productivity gains with technology we could do it all for LESS each year. Go figure." Mar 22, 12 2:19 PM

New Bill Aims To Stop Gas Surcharges

Free enterprise baby, if you pass a law which we already have too much of then the price of gas will go up, lets not forget everyone who uses plastic instead of cash is the reason for this. Also no one wants a cell phone tower but everyone wants to be on their phones 24/7 can't have it both ways people. Every law we pass adds to the cost of something." Mar 23, 12 2:36 PM

Southampton Schools Expect To Stay Within Tax Cap, Helped By Salary Savings

One thing to remember here, all the east end school districts spend more per student than any others on LI if it weren't for the rich second homeowners contributing to the school districts the average homeowner would be paying 20k per year. Look at MT Sinai or Wading river they pay 12 to 15 k ayear in taxes and yet spend substanially less per student. The insane inefficiencies going on are not noticed because of this. Could you imagine the average homeowner in Springs, Hampton Bays or E Quogue paying an extra 10k in taxes? They would throw all the bums out and rightly so. " Mar 23, 12 2:44 PM

Westhampton Beach Superintendent's Proposed Budget Pierces Tax Cap

They are spending 30k per student how is that possible, oh yes insane salaries and benefits. This model can no longer be sustained. Educators need to foot the bill more for their healthcare just as the rest of us do. And why are gym teachers making 100k for 9 months work anyway?" Mar 28, 12 2:17 PM

What all you people who say you need a masters degrees and the job is soo tough lets remember a few things. You get more pay for more credits earned, no other profession has that. You work only 188 days but get a full year's credit towards your pension you medical benefits cost you next to nothing and the most important issue is that our taxes pay your salary, no not mention ceo pay they are NOT paid with my tax dollars. I am not against teachers but I 'm tired of hearing how tough it is. Money is being wasted at an alarming rate how else can you explain the cost per student as FOUR times the national average and 3 times the state average. Waste, waste and more waste. Case closed." Apr 2, 12 1:47 PM

One note here has anybody been following the BS in the South Couintry School District. The super Joe Cipp who was a gym teacher and football coach for years is hired as the Super at 250k a year and promptly gets in trouble fixing grades and his punishment is a 545k dollar payout to retire. The school boards are totally unqualified to run school districts. The guy esentially breaks the law and is rewarded with a payout and large pension. There is never a way to get rid of anybody without paying them off. Witness the gym teacher in southampton who was arrested several times for herion use before he was ALLOWED to resign not even get fired. There is no accountability and total union protection. They always circle the wagons." Apr 2, 12 1:53 PM

It's not about teacher bashing or not valuing education, it is about accountability,responcibilty and mostly the insane inefficiencies in the school distrists. The board of educations have no background in running anything, negoiating contracts or making business decisions. No one is held accountable for anything. When you can't be fired or demoted there is no reason to do a great job. Most do but you are wasting MY tax dollars." Apr 4, 12 12:55 PM

Remsenburg-Speonk Budget Will Break Tax Cap Despite Teacher Concessions

The R-S budget has gone from 9.5 million in 2001 to 12.5 million that is an increase of 30 percent over 10 years. The districts spends about 2.8 million on special ed services evan though there are very few kids that can be deemed as in need of these services. The money is being spent so that the district can show everyone that they have the highest test scores of any district. That's great but is also a waste of money Do the mathe there are approx 180 kids in district and 180 kids going out of district for 7-12th grade. That equals almost 35k per student that's 35,000.00 per student per year. That is more than an Ivy league school charges for tuition. Great school but money is not being well spent." Apr 5, 12 11:35 AM

New Southampton School District Office Scrapped For Now

Oh the poor administrators how will they survive? " Apr 5, 12 11:43 AM

Remsenburg-Speonk Budget Will Break Tax Cap Despite Teacher Concessions

One thing for all to remember it always "only" 3 percent which doesn't sound like alot but year over year over year it adds up. Also health and pension cost are "only"' going up 5 to 10 percent a year. NO one but NO one gets the health care and pensions that school employees get. They must start to contribute their fair share. The average worker would have to save 1.4 million dollars to ensure a retirement income of say 50k per year that these teachers and administrators get (some get 2 or 3 times that). By the way the average worker doesn't evan bring home 1.4 million over 30 years. This is not education bashing as I think R-S and WHB are the best school districts on the east end but this cannot be sustained any longer. The state and country are going bankrupt with these benefits." Apr 11, 12 1:57 PM

Remsenburg Speonk Superintendent Explains Spike In Tax Levy, Cites Tuition Costs

What are we paying these administrators for? How can you not know what your tuition to WHB will be. You know the charge you know how many students, third grade math will give you the answer. i can not tolerate excuses from people who are making alot of money, more than they deserve to run the district. And didn't the superintendant come from WHB he should have intimate knowledge of the cost. We need an explanation here." Apr 11, 12 2:01 PM

Perfectly stated" Apr 12, 12 3:26 PM

Remsenburg-Speonk School District, Teachers Ink New Contract

Don't forget the pension system. While all the rest of work to make sure they have their 50k to 100k pession for as long as they live most of the rest of us will have to move someplace cheap to being able to live when we retire. The average person must save over 1.4 million to have the same yearly income as the average teacher/administrator will have. Exhausted just thinking of it." Apr 16, 12 2:29 PM

Hampton Bays School Board Adopts $45.85 Million Budget

It's amazing how hampton bays can educate more students than WHB, SH and EH and do it for 5 to 15 million less. Good job Hamton Bays lousy job for the other three." Apr 18, 12 2:00 PM

Springs School Narrows Superintendent Search Down To Three

Lets not hire a retired super so that he can draw his hugh pension as well as a salary, no double dippers who need to be paid 250k at the expense of losing good young teachers. I'm sure some younger blood and lower salries can still do this "impossible job"" Apr 18, 12 2:08 PM

Hampton Bays School Board Adopts $45.85 Million Budget

Excuse me maybe you could add an intelligent comment instead or is that as far as your thinking can take you?" Apr 19, 12 2:03 PM

Planning Board Reviews Eight Plans For Estates At Remsenburg

We don't need more houses in Remsenburg there are already too many for sale. The school district will expand and taxes will increase. Just because this guy bought this property and thought he would make a killing developing it doesn't mean we have to give in to him. Say NO NO NO to this." May 2, 12 1:19 PM

East Hampton Teachers Contract Would Include Salary Freeze And Other Concessions

It's amazing to me that EHSD needs 62 million to education 1700 students and Matetuck-Cutchogue needs only 34 million for the same amount of kids. That's almost twice as much per student. Where is all this money going? Don't answer we all know." May 2, 12 1:23 PM

Uncontested School Board Members Have Plenty To Fret About On Super Tuesday

It's amazing the large amount of money spent on special ed when there are very few special ed kids in the school. That comes out to 8500 per kid just for special ed. Maybe less special ed teachers and maybe. Remember less special services and less pensions and healthcare costs. I love the school district but isn't everyone a little bad that every time the school doesn't get what it wants it's always the kids that suffer. How about the teachers and bloated administration taking some of the hit. It's amazing that it takes more and more people to do less and less work." May 9, 12 2:15 PM

Bellone: Westhampton Trailer To Be Moved As County Prepares To Implement New Homeless Sex Offender Plan

So they moved it 1/3 rd of a mile what does that do. Very simple put the trailers in the parking lot of the Riverhead jail. Why is that so hard to do that's where the criminals and gaurds are already so it's easy to watch them." May 9, 12 2:19 PM

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