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Bishop Leads Altschuler After Absentee Ballots Counted

Rep. Tim Bishop’s campaign spokesman just released a statement slamming Republican Randy Altschuler’s camp for challenging the residency status of the Democratic congressman’s parents, who voted for their son in NY-1 with absentee ballots sent from Florida.

According to the spokesman, Jon Schneider, Bishop’s 86-year-old father, Howard, is an 11th generation Southampton Village native. He’s also housebound and thus was unable to travel home, so he and his wife, Catherine, cast their ballots through the mail.

“Howard and Catherine Bishop have the right to vote for their representative in Congress, including when one of the candidates is their own son,” Schneider said.

“Challenging the residency of a bedridden, lifelong Southampton native after Randy Altschuler moved to Long Island two years ago to run for political office demonstrates the depths to which his campaign will sink to win.”

“Randy Altschuler needs to stop challenging legitimate voters and allow votes to be counted.”" Nov 20, 10 1:02 AM

Altschuler has challenged 212 more votes than Bishop, and most of them have been of the frivolous variety. This differential has grown on each day of the count." Nov 20, 10 1:08 AM

No, it was not a statistical dead heat on election night, it was the actual count, assuming it was accurate. Statistical dead heats refer to polling. " Nov 20, 10 1:11 AM

Actually I believe it was closer to an 0.3 Bishop advantage in Brookhaven on election night, but who's counting. :)" Nov 20, 10 3:19 PM

You could be wrong? LOL-you think" Nov 20, 10 3:25 PM

You are eligible to vote absentee in New York if you will be:

* unavoidably absent from your county on election day
* unable to appear at the polls due to illness or disability
* a patient in a Veterans’ Administration Hospital
* detained in jail awaiting Grand Jury action or confined in prison after conviction for an offense other than a felony
" Nov 20, 10 6:07 PM

NY-1 has about a +6 differential favoring republicans over democrats. The remaining difference in Brookhaven, taking the figures shown here by TimS, shows the republicans with a little more than + 3 over the dems, so it certainly doesn't bode well for Altschuler who may now trail by over 200 when factoring in the challenges." Nov 20, 10 6:21 PM

Challenging more ballots than your opponent
a time honored tradition to drag the process out, but it only prolongs the inevitable, and makes you look foolish when in the end you lose by a lot more than everyone expects." Nov 20, 10 9:58 PM

Oh please, Bob Ryan, Altschuler's spokesman has been spinning faster than the rotation of the earth. Just today, Newsday reported that he denied a 15 vote Bishop lead. He said it was 14--LOL." Nov 20, 10 10:05 PM

If Brookhaven is so great for Altschuler, then why did Bishop win it 50.1 to 49.8 before the absentee count? And why has Bishop done better than Altschuler thru the first 44 ED's counted in Brookhaven; including ED's considered to be republican friendly?" Nov 20, 10 10:15 PM

And in politics, it's never over, even when it's over." Nov 20, 10 10:23 PM

In this situation you can challenge anything you wish, whether it's worth it or not is irrelevant, you don't pay by the challenge, and just about all the challenges on both sides are going to fail. This one for sure, and if you want to look at worth, this one wasn't worth the bad press." Nov 20, 10 11:43 PM

LOL" Nov 21, 10 1:05 PM

Are you actually capable of understanding that what you are saying has no basis in law? Unless, of course, if you are referring to that section of the law written by razza5350." Nov 21, 10 1:17 PM

I thought he was supposed to be a Kenyan. Can't you teabaggers even get your bs straight?" Nov 21, 10 8:16 PM

You didn't have to go on, I already didn't believe you after your first 2 words." Nov 22, 10 1:23 AM

Yes, she definitely seems to blow a lot of things." Nov 22, 10 1:31 AM

As per Reid Epstein of Newwsday: Tim Bishop re-retakes the lead over Randy Altschuler by 16 (or 17) votes in #ny01. Next break/update sked for 3pm. http://bit.ly/a2VWPc" Nov 22, 10 2:06 PM

While Bishop leads by 17, lets remember there is still the roughly +212 differential favoring Bishop with the challenged votes. " Nov 22, 10 2:11 PM

ROFLMAO" Nov 22, 10 3:00 PM

Tim Bishop now leading #ny01 by 69 votes, Altschuler spox says. 3,683 absentee ballots left to count. http://bit.ly/g2q2p4" Nov 22, 10 3:48 PM

Altschuler has challenged 856 ballots to Bishop's 602. Probable that many of those get counted. http://bit.ly/g2q2p4 #ny01" Nov 22, 10 3:50 PM

Go for it, but, remember it's mine for 714 more days and nghts, so be careful what you say, or I can ask you to leave." Nov 22, 10 4:20 PM

Don't worry, you're filling in quite adequately for Mr. Baldwin." Nov 22, 10 4:30 PM

Thanks, you're a good sport razza5350" Nov 22, 10 4:51 PM

I hear Palin is entered again in this years Iquitarod. Could you confirm this for me?" Nov 22, 10 5:18 PM

Tim Bishop's lead up to 137 over Randy Altschuler, 2,907 absentee ballots left to count and 1,588 contested." Nov 22, 10 5:48 PM

Thanks, and you have a great Thanksgiving too, but forgive me if I differ on the heated debate that has taken place here. Sure there has been some over the top stuff, but better that then no debate at all. This is what democracy looks like.

And one more thing, war is going on in world, but the world, Thank God, is not at war." Nov 22, 10 7:16 PM

27east.com is now reporting that Bishop's lead has grown to 164 votes, with slightly less than 2700 votes left to count." Nov 22, 10 7:22 PM

Altschuler continues to challenge more ballots 1,051-714, as gap grows to 337." Nov 22, 10 8:44 PM

So sorry, if your balls are busted. I just hope you have good health care." Nov 22, 10 9:01 PM

I just saw this: Altschuler spox says remaining EDs for #ny01 absentees are B'haven 202, 207 & 209-294. All over map, but includes a sr center where RA should do well." Nov 22, 10 9:25 PM

Some math taken from the swing state project: Bishop up by 206 and holding the advantage of challenging 337 fewer ballots--assuming that Bishop benefits by 50% of the difference of the challenged ballots--Altschuler would have to get 59.78% of the remaining absentee ballots to tie. Bishop probably benefits by more than 50% on the difference in challenged ballots, so Altschuler's chances are shrinking dramatically." Nov 22, 10 9:30 PM

You're very welcome Phil." Nov 22, 10 9:32 PM

Okay, I have to admit it, that was pretty funny. " Nov 23, 10 12:09 AM

I think you mean face to face. I assume everyone here is alive, maybe with the exception of a few." Nov 23, 10 12:21 AM

By way of Reid Epstein at Newsday. First #ny01 update of day: Bishop now leads Altschuler by 224, per Altschuler spox." Nov 23, 10 11:27 AM

Remember this is a +6 republican district and this was a republican mid-term wave election, so taking this into account Bishop is doing very well just by apparently surviving.

The terrain promises to be much better for democrats in 2012 in not only NY-1, but across the nation. The republicans will now be in the position of having to defend over 50 CD's in districts where Obama won in 2008. The greater turnout and greater likely enthusiasm on the part of dems in 2012 can very easily return the house to dem control." Nov 23, 10 11:54 AM

From what I've read, the count is supposed to be completed later today." Nov 23, 10 11:55 AM

Okay Joe, but I think I'll just bask in Bishop's victory. The victory that you and your ilk said was impossible over the past weekend. I will enjoy thinking about how your team assured everyone that Bishop couldn't carry Brookhaven, and how he would lose it 2-1. Oh yes, victory is sweet, especially when one thinks about how badly the conservative action alliance wanted this one. So Joe, you have a nice day and a very Happy Thanksgiving." Nov 23, 10 2:51 PM

Yes, if there ever was anything close to perpetual warfare, it has been the conservatives 500 year ongoing attacks on science." Nov 23, 10 2:57 PM

Breaking: Bishop spox says counting over, Bishop leads by 235 in #ny01 “We are very confident that Tim Bishop has won this election,” says Schneider." Nov 23, 10 3:04 PM

I think Altschuler will now demand a full hand recount, but wants it done in India." Nov 23, 10 3:09 PM

And I will enjoy the control of the senate and the presidency. As they say 2 out of 3 ain't bad. And I'm now claiming victory in this juvenile argument. Thank you" Nov 23, 10 3:37 PM

You're very welcome goldenrod" Nov 23, 10 3:47 PM

Yes, there is still the matter of the challenged ballots that need to be disposed, but these figure to expand the Bishop lead considerably as Altschuler has challenged hundreds more than Bishop.

And, of course, Altschuler will, in my opinion, undoubtedly, try to delay the matter as long as possible by keeping things in court, making all sorts of frivolous claims. Conservatives are always against doing things like that and are always for so called tort reform until it effects them personally." Nov 23, 10 3:57 PM

2,051 challenged absentee and affidavit ballots remain up in the air and have not yet been counted in NY-1 A hearing will be held next Tuesday at State Supreme Court in Riverhead on those ballots. Of those ballots 1,261 were challenged by Altschuler, 790 by Bishop. " Nov 23, 10 4:40 PM

Yes, all the military votes thus far received have been counted. I believe they still have one more day to arrive, so it's possible that a vote or 2 could still trickle in, as long at it's postmarked by Nov. 2." Nov 23, 10 7:27 PM

I think I just heard razza5350 concede that it's all over, but the crying." Nov 23, 10 7:29 PM

Bishop would never send himself to India." Nov 23, 10 8:04 PM

You are actually referring to a Zogby internet poll. They are considered amongst the lamest polls out nowadays." Nov 24, 10 12:55 AM

A slip of the tongue? Maybe, maybe not. But in John Heilemann & Mark Halperin's Game Change there was this telling point which suggests otherwise.

She knew nothing. She had to be taken through World War I, World War II, the Cold War, and Palin was not aware there was a difference between North and South Korea. She continued to insist that Iraq was behind 9/11; and when her son was being sent off to Iraq, she couldn’t describe who we were fighting.
" Nov 24, 10 5:39 PM

Looks like I wasn't wrong--Altschuler 471 more challenges. Razza5350, another conservative know nothing." Nov 24, 10 5:49 PM

Yeah her experience in the real world comprises her alleged ability to see Russia from her home in Alaska." Nov 24, 10 6:04 PM

Palin later in the interview guaranteed her support to our East Korean alliies, and our West Korean allies, and gave a big shout out to our Central Korean friends--you betcha" Nov 24, 10 6:22 PM

I'm glad you assured us this was your honest thought, as opposed, I would assume, to your dishonest thoughts. " Nov 24, 10 6:33 PM

Yes she can see all of Korea, even the libruls in Central Korea." Nov 24, 10 8:56 PM

I'm sorry, but Sarah Palin makes George Dubya look like Albert Einstein." Nov 24, 10 8:57 PM

Another republican house leader convicted and now heading to the big house.

Hang down your head Tom Delay
Hang down your head and cry.
" Nov 24, 10 9:38 PM

Add a mammogram and prostate screening to TSA, call it the "public option" and it'll be gone by Friday." Nov 24, 10 9:56 PM

Yeah, along with those republican values guys like Mark Foley, and Larry Craig, and Bob Ney. Wait I think Ney has served his time." Nov 24, 10 11:06 PM

Let me guess Joe, reading comprehension wasn't your strong suit during your short time in school." Nov 25, 10 12:38 AM

Altschuler is everything you say and worse. He couldn't decide whether to run in New Jersey or New York, but then challenges the vote of an 11th generation voter in the district, who also happens to be the father of his opponent.

Altschuler may one day steal his way into office, but rest assured it isn't going to happen this time." Nov 25, 10 12:48 AM

Oh and one other thing Sunrise, there are a few in this forum, who see all the things you have pointed out about Altschuler as positive. Yeah, I know it takes all kinds." Nov 25, 10 12:53 AM

ROFLMAO" Nov 25, 10 12:59 PM

Sir, yes, sir!!!!!!" Nov 25, 10 1:01 PM

Yeah, she was the governor of a state that was roughly the size of Brookhaven, and lasted only 2 years because the going got too rough. She then decides to quit on Alaska and go whoring in the lower 48. Please, please make her the republican nominee.

" Nov 25, 10 1:23 PM

And most of your propaganda derived ideas are on the super fast track to nonsense." Nov 25, 10 1:30 PM

Yes Happy Thanksgiving Joe, and be careful of those public options, they're everywhere. God Bless everyone-no exceptions.
" Nov 25, 10 1:36 PM

Vermont moving forward with Single Payer! Must Read http://www.dailykos.com/story/2010/11/25/923327/-Vermont-moving-forward-with-Single-Payer!-Must-Read-%28Update-1%29" Nov 26, 10 12:15 AM

Try reading the linked article, or maybe find someone who will read it to you." Nov 26, 10 10:50 AM

Single-payer health care is the financing of the costs of delivering universal health care for an entire population through a single insurance pool out of which costs are met. It is a form of monopsony. There may be many contributors to the single pool (insured persons, employers, government, etc.)

Single-payer health insurance collects all medical fees and then pays for all services through a single government (or government-related) source.[1] In wealthy nations, this kind of publicly-managed health insurance is typically extended to all citizens and legal residents.

Australia's Medicare, Canada's Medicare, the United Kingdom's National Health Service, and Taiwan's National Health Insurance are examples of single-payer universal health care systems. Medicare in the United States is an example of a single-payer system for a specified, limited group of persons within a country.

Single-payer systems may contract for healthcare services from private organizations (as is the case in Canada) or may own and employ healthcare resources and personnel (as is the case in the United Kingdom). The term single-payer thus only describes the funding mechanism—referring to health care being paid for by a single public body from a single fund—and does not specify the type of delivery, or for whom doctors work. Although the fund holder is usually the government, some forms of single-payer employ a public-private system. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single-payer_health_care" Nov 26, 10 10:58 AM

I'm not insulting you, I just don't think you've read the link with your 2017 reference. " Nov 26, 10 8:53 PM

Do tell us Joe, how are you going to "repel" it? Or more accurately repeal it? It seems to me that HCR will be expanding soon in Vermont, California, Oregon, Hawaii, and Massachusetts. Remember Joe, it started with just one little prairie province in Canada, Saskatchewan and was fought tooth a nail by the big insurance companies every step of the way." Nov 26, 10 9:08 PM

Joe, you still haven't told us how you are going to repel, and/or repeal it? I guess that's just a lot of teabag bluster." Nov 28, 10 4:20 PM

You Might be a Republican If……….

1. You believe George W. Bush’s redistribution of middle-class tax cuts to the top 1% of tax-payers was good for America, but Obama’s plan to return it to the middle class is ‘socialism.’
2. You believe stem cells are living human beings, but thousands of Iraqi children are ‘expendable collateral damage.’
3. You believe tax cuts for billionaires is a great idea, yet you wonder why the economy has stalled, your job just got outsourced to India, and oil company executives receive $400,000,000.00 retirement packages.
4. You believe the surge worked because the violence in Iraq is back to 2006 levels, which is only horrible, compared to what it was in 2007; intolerable. Besides, Brit Hume said so.
5. You think trial lawyers are harmful to America, yet you support prosecuting some guy in Muncie Indiana who burned his 99¢ American flag that was made in China by forced child labor.
6. You’re all for the ‘rule of law’ when it’s applied to Bill Clinton for lying about his infidelity, but not for prosecuting Karl Rove and Scooter Libby for committing treason.
7. You think George W. Bush is actually a really smart guy, but his folksy manner just makes him seem dumber than he really is.
8. You believe that those privileged from birth achieve success all on their own, and that those who are born to poverty and never have opportunities for advancement, got what they deserved.
9. You believe Ronald Reagan was a great president who had complete control of all aspects of government, but the Iran-Contra Affair was an insignificant scandal that went on without his knowledge.
10. You believe Democrats tax and spend, but George W. Bush was a fiscal conservative.
11. You believe Oliver North, who was CONVICTED of perjury, obstruction of justice, destroying evidence and accepting bribes, is a patriot. But John Kerry, who saved a man’s life while under enemy fire in Vietnam is a coward.
12. You believe George W. Bush kept us safe from terror, and the failure to prevent the 9/11 attacks were Clinton’s fault.
13. You actually believe Fox News is fair & balanced.
14. You still believe Saddam had truckloads of WMDs, and that he somehow managed to sneak them into Syria, right under our noses.
15. You believe Terri Schiavo was sentient all along, and Bill Frist had the ability to diagnose her condition by watching a 5 second video of her sleeping.
16. You’re in favor of stronger prison sentences for drug users, yet your favorite radio personality is Rush Limbaugh.
17. You complain about having to press 1 for English, yet you hire undocumented workers to mow your lawn because they’re cheaper than hiring the kid next door.
18. Homosexuality is abhorrent to you, except when a Republican senator, the president of the National Association of Evangelicals, and a planted White House journalist get caught having sexual affairs with gay men. Then you suddenly feel sorry for them.
19. The war in Iraq makes perfect sense to you, but any suggestion by Barack Obama that we target al Qaeda specifically is ‘dangerous and reckless.’
20. You don’t mind that president Bush tortured men who were never charged with a crime, yet you’re horrified by the wrath of al Qaeda when they capture one of our guys.
21. You believe the 1/10 of 1% of scientists who claim global warming is a hoax, and reject the 99.9% who say it’s real, because Sean Hannity and his friends in the oil industry have convinced you that science is a part of a greater liberal conspiracy.
22. You believe patriotism means you should support your government right or wrong … unless a Democrat’s in power, then it’s your patriotic duty to call him a closet Muslim, challenge his birth certificate, expose his sex life and impeach him.
23. You’re proud of your party’s ‘culture of life.’ Yet you support the death penalty for minors, you believe 600,000 dead Iraqis is justified because one of them was Saddam Hussein, and you oppose confronting the genocide in Darfur because they don’t have oil.
24. You support prayer in school, as long as your kids aren’t subjected to Muslim prayers.
25. You think Darwin’s theory of evolution is a loony fairy tale, and mankind actually began with two naked teenagers, a magic apple and a talking snake.
26. You think $35 billion spent on health care for children is a waste of taxpayer’s money, but $1.7 trillion spent on a catastrophic war that has isolated us from our allies, decimated our economy and made us less safe was money well spent.
27. You believe embargoing communist Cuba is sound foreign policy, but trading with China is just good business.
28. You believe Bill Clinton was an immoral cad, but Newt Gingrich and Henry Hyde were faithful husbands (and Larry Craig just has a wide stance).
29. You fervently defend the Constitution, but when president Bush got caught monitoring 300 million phones without a warrant, politicizing our justice system, hyping evidence for going to war and pardoning a convicted perjurer who just happened to be on his staff, then it’s okay, because he was ‘protecting America.’
30. You were outraged when a gallon of gasoline went from $1.29 to $1.40 during the two terms of the Clinton presidency, but you didn’t seem to mind when prices tripled under George W. Bush, the “oil man.”
31. You were furious when Bill Clinton pardoned international commodities trader Marc Rich, who was convicted of tax evasion, but applauded when George W. Bush exonerated Scooter Libby for obstructing justice to protect Dick Cheney from a treason indictment.
32. With no evidence whatsoever, you complained of ‘voter fraud,’ and demanded that thousands of blacks be scrubbed from voting lists during the 2004 election in Ohio, yet when Rush Limbaugh asked his audience to illegally claim to be Democrats and vote for Hillary Clinton during the Ohio Primary in February to “stir up trouble,” a FELONY, you were okay with that.
33. You believe Barack Obama should be held accountable for every sermon that Jeremiah Wright ever gave, but John McCain, who sought the endorsement of anti-Semitic, xenophobic, openly racist and homophobic pastors should be given a pass.
34. You believe Barack Obama is either a secret Muslim, was actually born in Kenya, and his parents forged a fake birth certificate when he was born – just in case he should ever run for president, or that his father’s nationality disqualifies his son from being president, all because you read that on the Internet.
35. You believe the 8 consecutive years of prosperity and strong economic growth from 1993 – 2001 was due to the work of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, but today’s recession is all Clinton’s and Obama’s fault.
36. You laugh at how much better Barack Obama speaks with a TelePrompTer than without one, yet you never mention the fact that even with a TelePrompTer, every time George Bush opened his mouth, gibberish tumbled out.
37. You still believe Barack Obama has somehow succeeded in fooling every government and independent examination with his “obviously Photoshopped” documents. Instead, you rely on Internet gossip, WorldNetDaily and Jerome Corsi as your sources for “truth.”
38. Your conservative media spent more air time discussing Michelle Obama touching the queen of England’s arm than on the economy, the environment, terrorism and health care combined.
39. You believe that we should get out of Afghanistan because Obama is “nation building,” yet for eight straight years of Bush’s bumbling incompetence there, you kept mum. Therefore, attacking Iraq makes sense, even though they never threatened us, but finishing off the job of finding Osama bin Laden; the terrorist who killed 3,000 Americans — Bush’s original task — is a dumb idea.
40. You were furious that Barack Obama admitted in France that Americans have occasionally been “arrogant, dismissive and derisive,” but you cheered them on when Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were arrogant, dismissive and derisive.
41. You believe that Obama’s $3.6 trillion budget is an outrage, but never once complained that George Bush turned Bill Clinton’s $300 billion surplus into a $1.3 trillion deficit. And it never once occurred to you that Bush deliberately omitted the Iraq and Afghanistan wars from those statistics, which means Bush’s TRUE deficit was $3.1 trillion.
42. You supported Gov. Sarah Palin, partly because you believed she kept a good Christian home. This, despite the fact that her seventeen year old unmarried daughter was knocked up, her son was accused of vandalizing 44 school buses (cutting the brake lines of school buses – HELLO!!?) and was given the choice of going to jail or join the military, and Palin herself was found guilty of abusing the power of her office. But Barack Obama can’t possibly be a true Christian, because his father was a Muslim, and his middle name is Hussein. (Besides, he’s black, and everybody knows that Jesus was a blond haired blue eyed white man.)
43. You believe the only solution to gun violence is to make sure everybody is armed to the teeth. That way, when some crazy person goes on a killing spree, right-thinking people will take out the killer, and tranquility will prevail throughout the land.
44. You believe the mainstream news anchors are crazy, biased and filled with hate, but Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are rational, accurate and informative.
45. You defend Rush Limbaugh’s right to wish for Obama to fail, and therefore, the failure of our republic, yet you call Democrats the “blame America first crowd.”
46. You claim that the economic crisis is the fault of the Democrats, but never mention that it was the Reagan administration that massively deregulated the banking industry in 1982, and it was Phil Gramm – McCain’s choice for economic advisor – who completed the task for his pals in the banking industry in 1999.
47. You believe the failure of the US automobile industry is primarily the fault of the unions, and not because management of the three corporations insisted on producing vehicles that nobody wanted. And you’re angry with the $28.00 per hour average wage of the work force, but you believe that the multimillion dollar salaries of the men who bankrupted the industry are perfectly reasonable.
48. You believe Barack Obama is a “narcissistic megalomaniac,” because you heard Glenn Beck call him that once, but Beck himself is a humble man, concerned only for your welfare (brought to you by Goldline!).
49. You believe anybody who doesn’t subscribe to Orly Taitz’ birther movement is a RINO, and those who do, are carrying the torch of Reaganism.
50. You think this list is mean-spirited and biased, and even though you privately acknowledge to yourself that it’s all true, you believe the Democrats are just as bad. Here’s a bulletin: Nobody has ever been this bad.
" Nov 28, 10 4:31 PM

The votes have all been counted. All that's left is about 2000 challenged ballots. Altschuler has challenged around 500 more votes than Bishop, and as most challenges are disallowed on both sides, Bishop figures to expand his lead as the challenges are disposed, and win by close to 700 or so.

Randy, of course, in typical sore loser fashion will likely initiate one of those frivolous torts which conservatives are always telling us they are against, but are usually the first ones to go screaming for a lawyer and a legal remedy when things don't go their way.

You see, when a conservative needs legal help it's the right thing to do, however for everyone else it's screw you. But please don't blame them for the hypocrisy, it's just the conservative way." Nov 28, 10 5:35 PM

I think the reason we may not have heard about the speech was because it was outsourced to India." Nov 28, 10 5:36 PM

"Conservative friends," I guess they are people who are cautious about their friendship. LOL" Nov 28, 10 6:45 PM

You talk about "same old" like it's a negative, and then espouse a conservative philosophy that would like to go back to the 1500's." Nov 28, 10 7:10 PM

You Know You're a Conservative When -

You know you're a conservative when you can believe that the nation should be ruled according to the Bible but conveniently forget the part about wealth being the most certain path AWAY from any Christian ideal of heaven.

You know you're a conservative when you believe that the poor are in that situation because they are lazy and then you thank God for all of your good fortunes (see above).

You know you're a conservative when you demand that a collection of cells in a woman's womb constitutes life and then, eighteen or nineteen years later, you send that same collection of cells off to kill and die for puerile and insane political or economic reasons.

You believe that a profit-driven and greed filled multinational corporation will behave decently enough to protect the environment, workers, and provide safe and healthful products but an elected and responsive government that protects consumers from those same corporations is too "inefficient".

You know you're a conservative when you think that PBS is a waste of public funds but allowing corporations to pay for the programs (and to limit what those programs can say) is somehow an intelligent alternative.

You know you're a conservative when you happily support even the most insane policy of the NRA while whining that the ACLU is going over board when it questions society's need for automatic weapons with ammo clips that hold a hundred Teflon coated, armor penetrating bullets.

You know you're a conservative when you believe that HIV and AIDS are God's punishments but ignore the hundreds of thousands of deaths that the sacred tobacco plant causes.

In fact, you know you're a conservative when you believe that HIV and AIDS are God's punishments but you die from coronary disease brought on by a life of fatty food and days spent as a couch potato.

You know you're a conservative when you believe that affirmative action for blacks or women is unconstitutional but the good ol' boy admission policies at places like Yale and Harvard are the right of the wealthy.

You know you're a conservative when you think photos of naked humans are evil and pictures of two humans engaged in the act of sex sends you into spasms but filling the planet with real filth and pollution is justifiable as a cost of doing business.

You know you're a conservative when you want to ban any form of sex education in schools but then refuse to offer care, through welfare or food stamps, for the children conceived by uneducated kids .

You know you're a conservative when you believe that inflicting physical pain on a child teaches them respect or discipline or whatever but making white collar criminals pay for their sins is interfering with the capitalist system.

You know you're a conservative when you detest funding public schools but see nothing wrong with wasting tax dollars on vouchers to pay for an education at private or religious schools for wealthy families.

You know you're a conservative when you see no irony in demanding that other nations rise to an arbitrary level of human rights while America has the highest per capita prison population on Earth, more than Iran or Russia or China or any other country we are so quick to criticize.

You know you're a conservative when you think that a President that puts his weenie where it might not ought to be is worthy of impeachment but a President who send military weapons, including sophisticated anti-aircraft, shoulder-mounted missiles, deserved to be pardoned by his hand-picked water boy.

Finally, you know you're a conservative when you believe that greed, selfishness, hate, divisiveness, and the adoration of the wealthy is an acceptable life.

" Nov 28, 10 9:38 PM

"Sarah Palin says she wants limited government. Does she mean fewer elected officials or more officials who resign in the middle of their terms? I think limited government will be perfect for her limited abilities."" Nov 28, 10 10:07 PM

"Sarah Palin has admitted she tried marijuana several years ago, but she did not like it. She said it distorted her perceptions, impaired her thinking, and she's hoping that the effects will eventually wear off."" Nov 28, 10 10:09 PM

When applied to the conservative goals here:

1 check
2 check
3 double check
4 check
5 check
6 check
7 double check
8 double check
9 check
10 check
11 triple check
12 check
13 check
14 double check

" Nov 28, 10 10:26 PM

Chapter 11, Title 11, United States Code refers also to the bankruptcy of your ideas. Maybe you need to go file." Nov 28, 10 11:38 PM

Dear Mr. President

We are writing to urge you to stand firm against those who would put politics ahead of their country.

For the fiscal health of our nation and the well-being of our fellow citizens, we ask that you allow tax cuts on incomes over $1,000,000 to expire at the end of this year as scheduled.

We make this request as loyal citizens who now or in the past earned an income of $1,000,000 per year or more.

We have done very well over the last several years. Now, during our nation’s moment of need, we are eager to do our fair share. We don’t need more tax cuts, and we understand that cutting our taxes will increase the deficit and the debt burden carried by other taxpayers. The country needs to meet its financial obligations in a just and responsible way.

Letting tax cuts for incomes over $1,000,000 expire, is an important step in that direction.


Superior, CO

Los Angeles, CA

New York, NY

Philadelphia, PA

Nancy Blachman
Burlingame, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Berkeley, CA

Mark Buell
San Francisco, CA

Naveen Bhatt

Robert S. Bowditch JR.
Brookline, MA

Josh Boyce

David Brown
Berkeley, CA

Williamstown, NJ

San Rafael, CA

Las Vegas, NV

Ben Cohen
San Francisco, CA

Buffalo, NY

Denver, CO

Salt Lake City, UT

Burlingame, CA

Los Altos, CA

Paul and Joanne Egerman
Boston, MA

Berkeley, CA

Ronald Feldman
New York, NY

Jerry Fiddler
Berkeley, CA

Joseph M. Field
Bala Cynwyd, PA

Christopher Findlater
Naples, Florida

Eric Fredricksen
Los Gatos, CA

Longmont, CO

New York, NY

Ron Garret
Emerald Hills, CA

Yorkville, CA

David Goldschmidt
Princeton, NJ

Joshua Gordon
Las Vegas, NV

Oakland, CA

Paul Haggis
New York, NY

Seattle, WA

Arnold Hiatt
Boston, MA

Leo Hindery, Jr
New York, NY

New York, NY

Kirkwood, MO

Rob Johnson
New York, NY

Oakland, CA

William Jurika
Piedmont, CA

Vienna, VA

Sandy, UT

Rochelle Kaplan
Salt Lake City, UT

Ravi Kashyap
Franklin, TN

New York, NY

John Kortenhaus
Plano, TX

Queenstown, MD


Los Angeles, CA

Salt Lake City, UT

Plymouth Meeting, PA

Gold Beach, OR

Red Bank, NJ

Mario Morino
Rocky River, OH

Portland, OR

New York, NY

Washington, DC

Vibhu Mittal
Palo Alto, CA

New York, NY

Barrington, RI

Peter Norvig
Palo Alto, CA

Phoenix, AZ

Morris Pearl
New York, NY

Gregory Rae
New York, NY

Waco, TX

New York, NY

Piedmont, CA

Heike Schmitz
Palo Alto, CA

Sarasota, FL

New York, NY

New York, NY

Craig Silverstein
Mountain View, CA

New York, NY

Lafayette, CA

Concord, MA

Washington, DC

Ross Waller

David and Vinitha Watson
Oakland, CA

Piedmont, CA

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You Should Know...

Only 375,000 Americans have incomes of over $1,000,000

Between 1979 and 2007, incomes for the wealthiest 1% of Americans rose by 281%

During the Great Depression, millionaires had a top marginal tax rate of 68%

In 1963, millionaires had a top marginal tax rate of 91%

In 1976, millionaires had a top marginal tax rate of 70%

Today, millionaires have a top marginal tax rate of 35%

Reducing the income tax on top earners is one of the most inefficient ways to grow the economy according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office

44% of Congress people are millionaires

The tax cuts were never meant to be permanent

Letting tax cuts for the top 2% expire as scheduled would pay down the debt by $700 billion over the next 10 years

http://www.fiscalstrength.com/" Nov 29, 10 12:12 AM

Bishop lead now stands at 221. It was reduced to 215 after all the military ballots were counted, 44-24 for Altschuler, but went back to 221 after some ballots were unchallenged by both sides and counted.

Counting of the challenged ballots will begin tomorrow." Nov 30, 10 7:07 PM

It looks to me, like Local 84 is one of your boys, Joe" Nov 30, 10 11:57 PM

If ignorance is bliss, then why are teabaggers always so angry?" Nov 30, 10 11:58 PM

It's not going to be anywhere near a 1000, but it is likely to be somewhere between 300-600. " Dec 1, 10 12:01 AM

Bishop up 247 over Altschuler at #ny01 lunch break. Each side dismissed another 80 challenges. Still 1,600 challenges left." Dec 1, 10 3:01 PM

#ny01 update: Nothing new since lunch. Still Bishop +247. Bishop would like the 169 emergency ballots to count, since he's +12 in them." Dec 1, 10 4:54 PM

You should check your math on the 705 figure, unless you're talking about Chris Christie's weight." Dec 1, 10 4:57 PM

Since the challenged ballots began to be disposed of yesterday, both sides had agreed to unchallenge 418 ballots, 209 each. This has led to a gain +32 for Bishop

Of the 1,525 still-contested ballots that were awaiting the judge’s review, 1,146 were being challenged by the Republican side and 539 by the Democrats.

The math is getting more and more difficult for Altschuler as this proceedes." Dec 1, 10 7:05 PM

#ny01 update: Bishop up 259 at day's end. BOE/attys to examine non-residency challenges tomorrow. Judge tells them to go faster." Dec 1, 10 7:48 PM

Joe, I have to admit you're right, because in the midst of an obesity epidemic, it wasn't appropriate." Dec 1, 10 10:44 PM

And Winston Churchill as well." Dec 1, 10 10:51 PM

Do you think Winston Churchill was a disgusting progressive Joe? Adolf Hitler would be proud of Joey." Dec 1, 10 11:42 PM

Altschuler atty now reading names of 21 ballots for which he's withdrawing objections. Congrats, Jerome Levin, your vote counts. #ny01" Dec 2, 10 11:42 AM

Altschuler has withdrawn another 23 objections, Bishop 29. Ballots being pulled and they will be counted soon. #ny01" Dec 2, 10 11:44 AM

Judge Peter Mayer has thrown out ballots from six would-be voters who did not properly lick the seals on their envelopes. #ny01" Dec 2, 10 3:07 PM

They've counted about 120 ballots today (all day) in #ny01 and Bishop is +5 on day, +264 total. GOP requested counting stop. Not sure why." Dec 2, 10 3:08 PM

Judge Orders That 161 Ballots Be Counted, Prepares Ruling On 1st District Race

#ny01 update: Bishop +12 on 184 ballots counted today, +271 overall. Still 71 ballots both sides agreed to be counted tonight" Dec 2, 10 6:10 PM

Joe thinks that everything to the left of Genghis Khan is liberal." Dec 2, 10 6:13 PM

Bishop Leads Altschuler After Absentee Ballots Counted

#ny01 update: Bishop +12 on 184 ballots counted today, +271 overall. Still 71 ballots both sides agreed to be counted tonight" Dec 2, 10 6:14 PM

Judge Orders That 161 Ballots Be Counted, Prepares Ruling On 1st District Race

I believe it will be around 1270, give or take a few." Dec 2, 10 6:54 PM

Bishop Leads Altschuler After Absentee Ballots Counted

. Bishop +277 at day's end." Dec 2, 10 10:33 PM

Judge Orders That 161 Ballots Be Counted, Prepares Ruling On 1st District Race

. Bishop +277 at day's end." Dec 2, 10 10:33 PM

No thanks, I'd rather take America forward." Dec 3, 10 11:07 AM

Hey MsMarple I was just wondering: What happened to your predictions? You said Altschuler by 800, and you said Altschuler by 2-1 with the Brookhaven absentees. I guess it was that one alleged democratic voter, found by Fox News LOL, who allegedly voted twice that changed everything. " Dec 3, 10 11:17 AM

Yes, that would be illegal if that occurred, and by the way, I don't believe the party affiliation of the alleged voter was ever revealed. In any event, it's one freakin voter. The other few hundred thousand all voted once." Dec 3, 10 11:21 AM

Bishop Leads Altschuler After Absentee Ballots Counted

Lookie, lookie, an undercover teabagger. You can always tell by the spelling." Dec 6, 10 12:15 PM

Suffolk BOE counted 80 ballots in #ny01 today. Bishop +3 on day. He's +274 according to Bishop spox, +267 says Altschuler spox." Dec 6, 10 6:12 PM

Judge Orders That 161 Ballots Be Counted, Prepares Ruling On 1st District Race

Suffolk BOE counted 80 ballots in #ny01 today. Bishop +3 on day. He's +274 according to Bishop spox, +267 says Altschuler spox." Dec 6, 10 6:13 PM

They've been going on for more than 4 years, so I assume you feel the same about the Bush Administration." Dec 6, 10 6:16 PM

Q&A with Rep. Steve Israel: Stop giving New York's money to Mississippi http://bit.ly/eefLRA " Dec 6, 10 6:23 PM

Bishop Leads Altschuler After Absentee Ballots Counted

I think they have opened another 100 for counting today. " Dec 7, 10 3:58 PM

Judge Orders That 161 Ballots Be Counted, Prepares Ruling On 1st District Race

Wiki leaks attempts to expose Palin's thoughts, finds nothing http://www.borowitzreport.com/2010/12/05/wikileaks-attempts-to-expose-palins-thoughts-finds-nothing/" Dec 7, 10 4:00 PM

The slow pace isn't because of the people counting, but it's due to the Altschuler campaign bringing every frivolous thing they can find to court." Dec 7, 10 4:03 PM

If #NY01 isn't certified by NYS before next congress, seat will be left vacant, says spokesman at US House Administration Committee." Dec 7, 10 4:08 PM

100 votes counted today in #ny01. Altschuler +4 on the day. Bishop now +270 or +263, depending on which campaign is counting." Dec 7, 10 5:23 PM

Bishop Leads Altschuler After Absentee Ballots Counted

100 votes counted today in #ny01. Altschuler +4 on the day. Bishop now +270 or +263, depending on which campaign is counting." Dec 7, 10 6:41 PM

Judge Orders That 161 Ballots Be Counted, Prepares Ruling On 1st District Race

If a new president were to take office in Jan 2013, it would be in approximately 774 days, so just another thing you are wrong about, but thanks for playing." Dec 7, 10 9:25 PM

Bishop Leads Altschuler After Absentee Ballots Counted

BREAKING: Randy Altschuler concedes in #ny01" Dec 8, 10 11:50 AM

Bishop attributes victory to strong constituent service operation and partnerships with other local elected officials. #ny01" Dec 8, 10 12:01 PM

Altschuler Concedes Congressional Race To Bishop

Bishop attributes victory to strong constituent service operation and partnerships with other local elected officials. #ny01" Dec 8, 10 12:03 PM

Oh and about the guy who voted twice, guess who he voted for? Yes , it was Altschuler, and I wonder if Fox News is going to follow up. http://www.newsday.com/long-island/politics/spin-cycle-1.812042/1st-c-d-about-the-guy-who-voted-twice-1.2526951" Dec 8, 10 3:14 PM

Brookhaven GOP Chairman Jesse Garcia grace in defeat "Bishop got lucky and only by and handful of questionable votes."" Dec 8, 10 3:19 PM

Well the majority of the people of NY 01 didn't think that a right wing carpet/tea bagger nutjob who promised to outsource their jobs was the answer. I wonder why." Dec 8, 10 3:24 PM

One year up the drain, one year down the drain, 2012 is coming--Bring it On" Dec 8, 10 3:29 PM

Yes, you're exactly correct razza5351, and only in America will people earning 40 grand a year demonstrate and rally for making the super rich, richer. " Dec 8, 10 3:33 PM

Marple is still trying to figure out where her assurances that Randy would win by a 1000 votes went wrong. But look at the good news for Randy, he did spend one weekend in Washington pretending he won. I think he even got to sit behind a real congressman's desk. And I'm sure that Congressman Bishop will allow him to visit whenever he wishes. And Altschuler can rest assured he will be well represented, if he actually moves into the district." Dec 8, 10 3:43 PM

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