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Ms. Wilson withdrew her application from consideration at Monday
hmmm now I have to take a look when I'm home again...it looks like another house that's to big for its lot. Other wise why would her drive way become smaller? But then the way some of these lots in the village are laid out is a bit off.
By pstevens Wilmington on Jun 9, 15 5:14 PM
Judge Wilsons comments were way out of line, especially in a public forum.It is hard to imagine her statements were not premeditated and malice not intentional.
From the pictures it appears that the neighbors SECURITY camera was mounted under the soffit to easily see who was encroaching on his driveway, nothing more.
The statement she made was horrible and intentional. The judge should definitely be penalized for her statements.When sitting on the bench she is protected against personal monetary damages for personal mistakes she makes.
Welcome to the real world, where compromise and proper behavior are essential components to resolution.
A public Apology is in order. Take a big bite of humble pie and learn a lesson.
By bphornung southampton on Jun 8, 15 3:45 PM
This judge is way out of line and out of control. Were she not a political figure, Mr. Gugliotta would have long since had his fence up. This appears to be a case of intimidation by a political figure who should not only know better, but should be held to the highest standard. Pulling up survey markers and now insinutating her neighbor is some kind of pervert is way above and beyond. The judge should not be re-elected and should step down unless or until this matter is resolved. Is this the standard of behavior we want or expect from town officials?
By Setsubun Southampton on Jun 8, 15 10:54 AM